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Keystone XL: Refuting the Approval Rationale

Keystone XL: Refuting the Approval Rationale

Despite all of the efforts being made to resist the construction of the Keystone XL, it will likely gain the approval of U.S. President Barack Obama. Supporting evidence for the notion that we will move ahead with the Keystone XL comes from the corporate sector. Powerful corporate interests have considerable resources that often enable them to


Which Direction Should Solar Panels Face?

A new study from Austin’s Pecan Street Research Institute finds that residential solar PV panels oriented to the West may have more benefits for homeowners—at least in the summer and in Austin. That research flies in the face of conventional wisdom that PV panels should face South where the amount of sunlight that can hit


WTF? Electric Cars without Batteries?

A technology Volvo is developing gives us some insight into the future of electric cars – while it’s easy to focus on their disadvantages today, new materials will bring much more advanced vehicles in the future. Since the battery is mainly what’s holding electric vehicles back – including trucks and buses – that’s what researchers are focused


Does Color Affect Solar Cell Efficiency?

The problem of adding some color to the solar cells is not simply a question of graphic design (although, the idea of coating buildings with graphene surely promises some interesting sights in the future). As it turns out, some car paint, or rather some chemicals used in it, can be applied to create cheap and


Solar 2.0: Natural Materials + Synthetic Materials

A ring of protein and pigments, half synthetic and half natural, can be used to quickly prototype light-harvesting antennas that absorb more sunlight than fully natural ones. Graduate student Michelle Harris and research scientist Darek Niedzwiedzki in PARC’s Ultrafast Laser Facility. The laser setup allows them to measure energy transfer steps among pigments in light-harvesting


Why Solar Panels Need to be Tested for Hail

Are solar panels tested for hail, golf balls, or other kinds of impact? If solar panels are broken by some kind of impact, is this damage covered by the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty? If you’re about to drop thousands of dollars on a solar system that’s supposed to last a few decades, you obviously want


How Apple is Keeping it Green

Renewable energy is one of the hot topics of today. With concerns that fossil fuels are running out and causing irreversible damage to the environment, businesses and homes alike are embracing the world of renewable energy. Apple goes green Environmental groups have welcomed the announcement from globally-renowned gadget firm Apple that its data centres now


5 Reasons Solar Lighting is the Answer

Solar energy has been around for over a century, but only in the present has it increasingly become used for everyday tasks. With the solar energy industry growing at a rate faster than any other energy resource industry, solar energy has become efficient and capable of supplying power needs to a diverse amount of objects

Arizona Solar Bill Drama Creates More Questions Than Answers

Yesterday, Speaker of the Arizona House, Republican Kirk Adams,sought to “set the record straight” and put the political crisis causedby HB 2701 behind him. First, he had to cowboy up and place the blamewhere it properly belonged. If you guessed that Adams took some responsibility for the debacle,as the “leader of the House” (as he