20 Feb

WTF? Residential Solar So Much Cheaper in Germany


In a follow-up to a 2012 study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), …

20 Feb

Asia Pacific Solar Market: Ready to Explode


A new report suggests that solar demand across the Asia Pacific region will increase by …

18 Feb

Rumor: More Layoffs at Nanosolar?

Greentech Media

The slashing continues at CIGS solar PV aspirant Nanosolar. Last week Nanosolar went through a …

15 Feb

Are Solar PV Panels from China Kosher?

Brighter Tomorrow

PV has grown dramatically since Bell Labs displayed the first demonstration unit in 1954. The …

13 Feb

Why Emerging Solar Markets are Essential


Moving into emerging markets is a big risk, but one that utility-scale solar developers will …

12 Feb

Does The Solar Industry Need A Credit Rating System?


Will solar projects get financing more easily if they have something similar to a credit rating? With …

12 Feb

In Focus: Solar 2.0

Greentech Media

One hundred gigawatts of solar PV is installed on the global grid. That first 100 …

12 Feb

Exciting Next Level Solar Technologies


As the world begins to transition from fossil fuel energy to more sustainable forms of …

11 Feb

DOE Treasury Throws $150M at Clean Energy Manufacturing


In an effort to spur more U.S.-based solar, wind and other clean energy manufacturing, the …

07 Feb

The History of Solar Power


I’ll bet when you think of electric solar panels you think that this is a …

06 Feb

The Solar Powered iPhone: Coming Soon?

No More Naked Roofs

Forbes just posted an article about a patent Apple was granted yesterday that paves the …

06 Feb

Community Solar Grows Up

Green Chip Stocks

Community solar is capturing attention across the US as a way to get clean energy to …