08 Mar

In Focus: Calculating Monthly Solar Savings


Solar Installers get a lot of calls from consumers who are unsure how to work …

07 Mar

Solar and Moore’s Law

Brighter Tomorrow

Late last summer, I was walking the neighbourhood near where a rooftop residential solar PV …

06 Mar

Dow Chemical Gobbles Up NuvoSun

Greentech Media

NuvoSun, a thin-film solar firm founded by former MiaSolé CEO Dave Pearce, was just acquired …

05 Mar

Walmart Boosts Solar Production in Ohio


The amount of solar used in Ohio is about to rise by 10% – why? …

01 Mar

PV Rebates Ending Soon in California


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which coordinates California’s solar incentives programs through the California …

27 Feb

5 Reasons Jinko Solar Will Thrive in 2013

The Green Market Oracle

Jinko Solar is well positioned to capitalize on the solar market in 2013 as it …

26 Feb

Secretary Chu Discusses The State of U.S Solar


Last Friday (Feb. 22) outgoing Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu hosted a Google+ Hangout …

26 Feb

Solar Manufacturing: Not as Toxic as Fossil Fuels


Everybody knows that once solar’s installed, it doesn’t pollute. But some of the materials in …

26 Feb

Bloomberg: Bullish on Solar through 2014

The Green Market Oracle

Over the next two years solar power can be expected to move closer to grid …

25 Feb

The Solar Manufacturing Industry: No Improvements Yet

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Recent solar module production capacity has been nearly twice the demand, resulting in significant overcapacity …

25 Feb

ACPV Solar Workforce Training Comes to New Orleans

SolarBridge Technologies

SolarBridge Technologies, a leading provider of integrated microinverters for TrueACTM solar modules, is bringing its nationwide ACPV …

21 Feb

SolarBridge Heads Back to Texas

Solar Marketing Group

SolarBridge Technologies, the Texas-based provider of integrated microinverters for TrueACTM solar modules, is bringing its nationwide ACPV …