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Solar and Moore’s Law

Solar and Moore’s Law

Late last summer, I was walking the neighbourhood near where a rooftop residential solar PV system was about to be installed. People tend to be more interested and less sceptical about solar when their neighbors are getting into it, so it’s good policy to pound the pavement in the hopes of drumming up some business.


Dow Chemical Gobbles Up NuvoSun

NuvoSun, a thin-film solar firm founded by former MiaSolé CEO Dave Pearce, was just acquired by Dow Chemical. Dow had invested in the firm in early 2010. According to sources close to the deal, NuvoSun is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical. Dow has not yet responded to our inquiries. Presumably, the NuvoSun


PV Rebates Ending Soon in California

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which coordinates California’s solar incentives programs through the California Solar Initiative, said earlier this week that residential solar incentives in an increasing number of utility service areas are reaching fulfillment. And the solar industry and its supporters, like the Vote Solar Initiative say that’s a good thing. But another


Secretary Chu Discusses The State of U.S Solar

Last Friday (Feb. 22) outgoing Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu hosted a Google+ Hangout along with a host of solar experts and discussed the progress that solar has made in the past few years. Particularly regarding the progress that the U.S. has made on reducing the costs of solar power and the trajectory the

Cadmium telluride nanocrystals that have been centrifuged to separate the crystals from the sodium chloride solution

Solar Manufacturing: Not as Toxic as Fossil Fuels

Everybody knows that once solar’s installed, it doesn’t pollute. But some of the materials in some photovoltaics can be hazardous. Even so, the amount of toxic waste is far, far less than is produced during conventional energy production, according to data from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). For instance, between the period


The Solar Manufacturing Industry: No Improvements Yet

Recent solar module production capacity has been nearly twice the demand, resulting in significant overcapacity and excessive inventories. Solar manufacturers have reduced prices to record lows, often at or below the module cost of goods sold (COGS). Companies have been hunkering down until overall market conditions improve by laying off workers or actively seek creative

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ACPV Solar Workforce Training Comes to New Orleans

SolarBridge Technologies, a leading provider of integrated microinverters for TrueACTM solar modules, is bringing its nationwide ACPV Revolution Roadshow and Training to New Orleans on Tuesday, Feb. 26. The free training, co-sponsored by MAGE SOLAR and presented by Ontility Solar Training, is being held to educate Louisiana’s growing solar workforce. The sustained growth of the Gulf Coast’s solar industry


SolarBridge Heads Back to Texas

SolarBridge Technologies, the Texas-based provider of integrated microinverters for TrueACTM solar modules, is bringing its nationwide ACPV Revolution Roadshow and Training home to Dallas on Friday, Feb. 22. The free training, presented by Ontility Solar Training and co-sponsored by 1SolTech, is being held to educate Texas’s rapidly growing solar workforce. The training takes place from 1 to 5 with a


Asia Pacific Solar Market: Ready to Explode

A new report suggests that solar demand across the Asia Pacific region will increase by 13.5 gigawatts in 2013, a 50 percent growth year-over-year. According to the Q1’13 report of industry analyst NPD Solarbuzz, 90 percent of solar demand this year is expected to come from China, Australia, Japan and India – the Asia Pacific


Rumor: More Layoffs at Nanosolar?

The slashing continues at CIGS solar PV aspirant Nanosolar. Last week Nanosolar went through a round of layoffs, according to sources and verified with a company spokesperson. The spokesperson would not reveal the magnitude of the staff cuts. Sources claimed 75 percent of the staff was let go. The spokesperson said that Nanosolar was “in