27 Mar

Alta Devices Hits 30.8% PV Cell Efficiency


Alta Devices reached 30.8 percent solar cell conversion efficiency earlier this month. The company developed …

22 Mar

SEIA Has California Solar’s Back

Founder's Blog

The good folks over at the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) are all too aware …

19 Mar

Japan’s Solar Market: Growth is an Understatement


Japan is making significants stride toward renewable energy development, particularly in solar and wind, in …

18 Mar

Top 6 PV Trends for 2013

HeatSpring Magazine

The following is a review of the general trends that I’m seeing in the renewable …

15 Mar

Solar Industry: 2012 Growth Borderline Ridiculous


Solar is continuing to become a more important part of the U.S.’s energy mix as …

14 Mar

It’s Official: Suntech Power Now A State-Owned Entity

Greentech Media

Any pretense of Suntech (NYSE: STP) being an independent entity is over. China’s Suntech, faced …

14 Mar

RECAP: Solar Market Insight 2012 “Google Hangout”

Scaling Green

The Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA)’s and GTM Research’s “Google Hangout” on their new Solar …

13 Mar

2014: The Year of Solar Grid Parity


Because of strong demand for rooftop solar forecast this year in key markets and further drops …

13 Mar

PV Market to Reach 31MW in 2013


The photovoltaic market will continue its growth in 2013 albeit a little slower than in …

12 Mar

Suntech Closes Arizona Factory

Greentech Media

Suntech, on the heels of several losing quarters and a boardroom bloodbath involving the removal …

12 Mar

In Focus: Solar Sponges


As the news continues to get more depressing about the advance of climate change – …

11 Mar

Daylight Savings: Longer Days = More Solar

Solar Energy World

If the start of Daylight Savings Time has left you tired after losing an hour …