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Improving Prospects for Renewables

Improving Prospects for Renewables

Two-thirds of the fuel used in conventional power plants is exhausted as wasteheat to oceans, rivers and the atmosphere. In total, U.S. power plantswaste more energy than most countries – including major economies likeJapan – consume for their entire economies. This waste heat can berecovered and put to productive use through combined heat and power(CHP)

Analysis of solar energy industry in India and future prospects

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Analysis ofSolar Energy Industry in India & Its Future Prospects" report to its offering. The Indian solar energy sector has been growingrapidly, in the past few years, majority due to Governments initiativessuch as tax exemptions and subsidies. Due to technical potential of5,000 trillion kWh per year


The Prospects for Solar Thermal Worldwide

As concerns about climate change and energy security escalate, asgovernment incentives for harnessing solar energy expand, and as thesecosts decline while those of fossil fuels rise the harnessing of solarenergy is expanding on every front . One of the solar technologies thatis really beginning to take off is the use of solar thermal collectorsto convert

Review of The Green Market’s Sustainable Stock Portfolios and Future Prospects

Withthe aim of helping investors see the value of sustainable stock, TheGreen Market has been charting the performance of stock in 3 renewableenergy sectors and 2 energy efficiency sectors. The 3 renewable energysectors are Solar, Wind and Geothermal, and the 2 energy efficiencysectors are (smart) grid and lighting. In January of last year, TheGreen Market

South African government studies prospects for polysilicon plant

The South African Government, through the Department of Trade andIndustry has issued a Request for Proposal to investigate the viabilityof a polysilicon plant in South Africa. The purpose ofsolicitation is to provide the background requirements for a study toinvestigate the viability of establishing the polysilicon plant. Thestudy should be done to scoping level of confidence,

Wind Stock Review and Future Prospects

Windpower generation is growing rapidly around the globe. To help investorssee the value of renewable investments, on January 12, 2009 The GreenMarket selected and posted 4 stock (MMGW /CPTC /WNDEF and WND), for itswind stock portfolio. Here is a review of the performance of these 4 stocks in 2009. Western Wind Energy (WNDEF and WND),produces

Solar Stock Review and Future Prospects

The solar segment has garnered considerable interest. To help investorschart solar’s growth The Green Market selected 5 solar stocks (CSIQ ESLR FSLR SPWRA STP) and followed their progress throughout 2009. As explained in the previous solar review, The Green Market’s solar stocks outperformed the market indices by 53 percent between March and August, and 28