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Solar Industry Scalable Design Services

Solar Industry Scalable Design Services

If you’re one of the thousands of solar installers comprising the 64% of national marketshare, how can you compete with the big guys who make up the rest? In the last post in this series, we talked about moving to the cloud as a lesson to learn from how the big guys operate. Another target for cost


Michigan Votes Against ’25 by 2025′ Renewable Energy Proposal

The ballots have been tallied in Michigan and the state voted against a renewable energy initiative yesterday. By an overwhelming majority (64 percent), Michigan will not be moving forward with its “25 by 2025″ proposal. Prop 3 was a state constitutional amendment that would require Michigan to generate 25 percent of its energy from renewable

LA Solar Rebate Proposal Could Raise Cost of Solar

Los Angeles homeowners: your solar rebates may be on the chopping block. Due to falling solar panel costs and an overstretched solar rebatebudget, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) hasproposed cutting by 30 percent its solar energy incentive for home and business solar energy installations. That, according toKen Button, owner of the


Tessera Submits Second Proposal for Colorado Solar Plant

After having its initial proposal for a 200-megawatt (MW) solarfacility in Colorado’s San Luis Valley rebuffed on account of noiseconcerns from neighbors, Houston-based Tessera Solar is trying again.This time, the utility scale solar developer is proposing a 145-MW plant in the same Saguache County region. The plant would take up over 1,500 acres in the San Luis


The Solaris Sculptural Art Installation Proposal

Solaris is a stunning sculptural art installation proposed for the2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition. Designed by OlegLobykin, this unique artwork brings renewable energy and visualrepresentation of traditional images having cultural significancetogether by installing hundreds of photovoltaic panels in interestingpatterns. Picking the name from Stanislaw Lem’s novel “Solaris” thatdepicts the relationship between people of

A Proposal for US-China Collaboration on Climate Technology

The United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen is less than35 days away. Nations will negotiate a framework for a successor treatyto the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. Any successful outcome atCopenhagen will require a commitment from the world’s major economies,not least of which are China and the United States, the two largestemitters of

New York Needs Some Solar Help

New York’s state-owned power whole seller is considering a plan toadd 100 megawatts of distributed solar power generation to itsportfolio. But before the New York Power Authority (NYPA) starts askingfor bids, it needs to figure out what criteria it should use to awardbids to power developers. So, yes, it’s asking those who are interested in