06 Dec

Solar Industry Scalable Design Services


If you’re one of the thousands of solar installers comprising the 64% of national marketshare, …

18 Jul

In Focus: California’s $68 Billion High-Speed Rail Project

The Daily Fusion

By 2029, the system will run from San Francisco to the Los Angeles basin in …

07 Nov

Michigan Votes Against ’25 by 2025′ Renewable Energy Proposal

AtisSun Solar Insider News

The ballots have been tallied in Michigan and the state voted against a renewable energy …

05 Jan

Michael Jantzen’s Solar Winds Desert Hotel Proposal


The brainchild of architect and designer Michael Jantzen, the Solar Winds Desert Hotel is a …

26 Oct

LA Solar Rebate Proposal Could Raise Cost of Solar

Los Angeles homeowners: your solar rebates may be on the chopping block. Due to falling …

10 Oct

Tessera Submits Second Proposal for Colorado Solar Plant

After having its initial proposal for a 200-megawatt (MW) solarfacility in Colorado’s San Luis Valley rebuffed on …

04 Oct

The Solaris Sculptural Art Installation Proposal


Solaris is a stunning sculptural art installation proposed for the2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design …

04 Nov

A Proposal for US-China Collaboration on Climate Technology

Climate Progress

The United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen is less than35 days away. Nations will …

18 May

New York Needs Some Solar Help

Greentech Media

New York’s state-owned power whole seller is considering a plan toadd 100 megawatts of distributed …