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Canadian Solar to Build 4 New Solar Plants in England

Canadian Solar to Build 4 New Solar Plants in England

Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ), the Ontario, Canada-based solar panel supplier, is expanding its European foothold. The company struck a deal with Lightsource Renewable Energy in England to build four solar power plants. Located in the counties of Cornwall, Lincolnshire, and Somerset, the four plants will be built using Canadian Solar’s panels, which several months ago


Residential Renewable Energy Projects: 3 Best Practices

The following post is for professionals or companies that are selling solar PV, solar thermal or geothermal heat pump systems to residential customers. At HeatSpring, we’ve been keep tabs on what the most profitable companies tend to do really well. There are three areas that the most profitable and well run residential solar and geothermal


This Week’s Biggest Solar Projects

Two major companies are taking advantage of solar energy as major projects are being unveiled this week. Take a look at the week’s largest solar power projects: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona just celebrated a whopping 16,000 solar panel installation in their massive airport. Because Phoenix, Arizona benefits from roughly 310 days of


Apple’s North Carolina Solar Array $AAPL

Apple recently announced that it is constructing what is billed to be the United States’ biggest end user owned solar array, which will have the capacity of producing renewable energy worth 42 million kilowatt hours every year. Apple’s initiative will greatly benefit its billion dollar data center situated in Maiden, North Carolina. The news isn’t


Santa Clara Bus Station Goes Solar

The rate of California solar installation has increased drastically in the past several years, sparking a clean energy transformation in the state that has proven to save millions of dollars, which are now being allotted for other purposes. Continuing with the trend, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority recently partnered with clean energy companies in


Social Networking: Helping the Solar Push

On Monday, I posted an article about residents pushing their local officials to tighten restrictions on solar PV installations in neighborhoods. This attitude is sometimes referred to as NIMBY, or “Not-In-My-Backyard”, and seems to pervade neighborhoods when a socially responsible action is taken, or sometimes required, at the expense of an individual’s pleasantries (e.g., a


Cape Cod Embraces Solar

Few places seem a more appropriate setting for solar installations than the beach. The open ocean provides clear sight of the the sun without the shadows that can prove so frustrating for homeowners elsewhere. And that only supports the natural, if perhaps less rational, feeling that solar power makes sense in a place where people


Africa Could be 100% Powered by Solar

The sun could power the whole of South Africa, claims Solarplaza.Com, a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based solar-analysis company. According to SolarPlaza.Com, after the Sahara and some parts of Australia, ‘The Rainbow Nation’ has the most stable and reliable solar radiation output in the world and is blessed with ample space and plenty of solar hours. “We think