10 Apr

Top 5 Reasons People Go Solar

Did you know that most solar customers are not rich? Most have an annual household …

07 Apr

The U.S Army Has $7 Billion to Spend on Renewable Energy


Increasingly, it’s not just the uniforms in the U.S. Army that are green anymore. The …

05 Apr

Solar is Exploding in NYC

Green Chip Stocks

The New York City America City Partnership announced on Wednesday that the city’s solar capacity …

04 Apr

Lots of Solar Could Actually Reduce Electricity Prices

Energy Self Reliant States

Whether German feed-in tariffs or U.S. tax incentives, opponents of solar rail at its perceived …

03 Apr

Solar Comes to Tunisia

Energy Refuge

A recent report on African Jet said that British investors have proposed the creation of …

02 Apr

Hydro Aluminum Gets Into CPV


The emerging market for concentrated solar power (CPV) plants is creating growth opportunities for other …

27 Mar

U.S Army: Winning the Battle of Energy Savings

Dr. JoAnne Castagna

In 2004, Master Sgt. Mark Rizzo’s U.S. Army convoy was traveling north on a route …

27 Mar

Top 10 North American Smart Grid Initiatives

Greentech Media

2011 was a year of unprecedented spending for smart grid project ramp-up and deployment in …

16 Mar

Canadian Solar to Build 4 New Solar Plants in England

Green Chip Stocks

Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ), the Ontario, Canada-based solar panel supplier, is expanding its European foothold. …

07 Mar

Bulgaria’s Solar Capacity Will Double With New Project

Energy Boom

California-based solar developer Premier Power has started constructing a 16.2-megawatt solar farm in Bulgaria. The …

02 Mar

In Focus: Solar in Israel (VIDEO)

Energy Refuge

Israel is aware that clean, alternative energy is the most secure solution for its energy …

01 Mar

Residential Renewable Energy Projects: 3 Best Practices

The Green Light Distrikt

The following post is for professionals or companies that are selling solar PV, solar thermal …