CPV: Call it a Comeback?

The most efficient form of solar power, concentrated photovoltaic (CPV), is the least commonly used right now. Last year the U.S. alone saw multiple gigawatts PV installed. The whole world is likely to have about 357.9 megawatts of CPV installed in 2014. That could change, according to a new report from GlobalData, which anticipates that […] Read more

The U.S Military LOVES Solar Power

If ever there was a champion of efficiency, the military would be it. Energy efficiency is no exception to this generalization. As The Solar Foundation (TSF) and Operation Free tell us in a recent Veterans in Solar report, the U.S. military has scaled up its use of distributed renewable energy technologies, at home and in combat […] Read more

Solar Thermal Farms: Popularity Fading?

392 megawatts, 173,000 heliostats, 347,000 mirrors, $2.2 billion investment and a $1.6 billion federal loan. These are the tremendous numbers surrounding the development and construction of the Ivanpah solar thermal power facility in the Mojave Desert, 40 miles south of Las Vegas. Such a plant, who can energizes up to 140,000 houses, is a massive solar energy […] Read more

Energy Storage and Community Solar Farms

While a number of local residents, businesses and institutions have installed solar panels on their roofs or elsewhere to reduce electrical costs and CO2 emissions, many others do not have the correct roof orientation or size required. In addition, because a number of business and residential properties are rented, the occupants do not have the […] Read more

Huge 320 MW Solar Hydro Project Starts Trial Run in China

A 320 megawatt solar photovoltaic plant, located next to an existing hydroelectric dam in western China, has begun its trial run. According to China Daily, the Longyangxia Dam in Qinghai Province integrates both solar and hydro-power generation to bring renewable energy to the grid. It is the largest hydro-solar project in the world to date. […] Read more

Is The Party Over for CSP in the U.S?

Planning for new concentrated solar power (CSP) development in the U.S. almost disappeared in 2013 as developers turned to smaller, more achievable PV installations. “The 2013 trend in CSP is that not much has happened,” said GTM Research Solar Analyst Cory Honeyman. “Demand across the country has turned from large-scale projects to those in the […] Read more

Hospitals and LEED Certification

Hospitals in the U.S are known to be among the largest consumers of energy. They are open 24 hours, have hundreds of people living and circulating in the buildings everyday and in addition to the usual systems that AC, Heating or Ventilation, they require high energy consumption machinery such as Refrigeration, Sterilization or Medical devices […] Read more

Solar Development’s To-Do List

In Chip and Dan Heath’s new book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work , they discuss the concept of a Playlist as a way to generate ideas and widen our frame for better decision making. A Playlist is a list of things that have been effective before in other situations and provides a […] Read more

Why CSP Will Thrive

Since its founding in 2006, BrightSource has significantly evolved – from a small start-up with a great idea that became the foundation for the world’s largest solar thermal power project – to a company focused on global deployment of its solar field technology and support services. We wanted to share some details of that evolution, along with […] Read more

Kiva: Microfinancing Solar

Imagine this: You’re in a developing nation with little access to electricity. In fact, you don’t have access to a grid, or enough electricity to keep a refrigerator and a light on and water filtered in your home. Or, if you have a generator, you barely afford to pay for the expensive diesel that keeps […] Read more

California Initiative End Won’t Stop Solar

As the California Solar Initiative steps toward its end, at least one solar developer isn’t concerned about the impact fewer incentives could have on the industry. “The program was very, very well designed,” said Alan Lee, founder of EcoSolargy, a full-service solar development firm. “And right now we’re closing in on the end of it.” […] Read more

Mosic Sells Out California Solar Crowdfunding Projects in Hours

Mosaic, which is using crowdfunding to develop solar and other clean energy projects, today (April 8) unveiled $100 million in solar projects that Californians can invest in directly. At the same time it launched its first offering in what it is calling the Golden State Series of solar projects in California, crowdfunding a 114 kilowatt […] Read more

The Biggest Solar PV Projects in Latin America

As of April 1, 2013, 9.8 gigawatts of large-scale PV projects had been announced in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, the generating capacity of projects in operation is just 114 megawatts. Of the 9.8 gigawatts’ worth of announced projects, 731 megawatts have signed off-take agreements of some sort (power purchase agreements, feed-in tariff contracts, […] Read more