20 Mar

CPV: Call it a Comeback?


The most efficient form of solar power, concentrated photovoltaic (CPV), is the least commonly used …

05 Mar

The U.S Military LOVES Solar Power

CleanEdison Blog

If ever there was a champion of efficiency, the military would be it. Energy efficiency …

28 Feb

Solar Thermal Farms: Popularity Fading?

Clean Energy Collective

392 megawatts, 173,000 heliostats, 347,000 mirrors, $2.2 billion investment and a $1.6 billion federal loan. …

24 Feb

Energy Storage and Community Solar Farms

Clean Energy Collective

While a number of local residents, businesses and institutions have installed solar panels on their …

19 Feb

SunEdison & Saudi Arabia Looking At Building $6.4 Billion Solar PV Facility

Solar Love

The Saudi Arabian government, along with the noted solar developer SunEdison, is currently undertaking a feasibility study for a proposed $6.4 billion fully integrated solar PV manufacturing complex. The potential project would see the creation of a…

23 Dec

Huge 320 MW Solar Hydro Project Starts Trial Run in China


A 320 megawatt solar photovoltaic plant, located next to an existing hydroelectric dam in western …

06 Dec

Is The Party Over for CSP in the U.S?

Greentech Media

Planning for new concentrated solar power (CSP) development in the U.S. almost disappeared in 2013 …

22 Nov

Hospitals and LEED Certification

CleanEdison Blog

Hospitals in the U.S are known to be among the largest consumers of energy. They …

11 Sep

Solar Development’s To-Do List

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

In Chip and Dan Heath’s new book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and …

06 Jun

Why CSP Will Thrive

BrightSource Energy Blog

Since its founding in 2006, BrightSource has significantly evolved – from a small start-up with a …

22 Apr

Kiva: Microfinancing Solar


Imagine this: You’re in a developing nation with little access to electricity. In fact, you …

13 Apr

California Initiative End Won’t Stop Solar


As the California Solar Initiative steps toward its end, at least one solar developer isn’t …