Is Your Solar Installer Certified?

A few weeks ago, we talked about some of the characteristics you should look for in a solar PV installer.The criteria is essentially the same as with many other home contractors. You want to find a solar PV installer who: carries the selection you are interested in, and can make honest recommendations about quality and […] Read more

Fernando de Noronha Island goes Solar

Fernando de Noronha is one of Brazil’s eco hot spots, famous for its breaktaking geography, surf and marine life. The archipelago lies 220 miles off Rio Grande do Norte state and is a UN World Heritage Site. An agreement signed on December 26 will bring solar power to the island in 2012, thanks to a […] Read more

Palau Installs Solar Panels On Its Airport

The small island of Palau, an island nation located 500 miles east of the Philippines and with a population of 21,000 people, has installed a 226.8kW solar energy array on its airport. The panels were supplied by Kyocera, one of the world’s biggest solar cell manufacturers. The initiative was a collaboration between Kyocera and Wakachiku […] Read more

Largest Airport Solar Project Comes to Chicago-Rockford Airport

The Chicago-Rockford International Airport will soon be home to the largest airport solar installation in the country. Chicago-based New Generation Power got clearance from the FAA and the Department of Energy to move forward with a 20-megawatt solar installation on 70 acres at the airport in Rockford, Ill. “We are looking to ramp this up […] Read more

I-GO’s Chicago Car Sharing Powered by Solar

Chicago’s I-GO car sharing program is rolling out 36 all-electric vehicles and 18 solar-powered charging stations throughout the metro area. The scale of the $2.5 million project will make it the largest electric vehicle car sharing fleet in the Midwest, and it will have more solar-powered charging capacity than any other program in the country. […] Read more

Will Apple’s New Spaceship Campus Have the Biggest Solar Array in U.S?

Apple unveiled its plans yesterday for its new striking headquarters campus in Cupertino, California. “I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations,” Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson. The spectular spaceship design is a 175-acre circular structure,  with a footprint larger than the Pentagon. Its four stories high with glass circular […] Read more

The Vatican and Solar Power

Solar energy continues to make strides toward mainstream acceptance. In the beginning, though, there were some prominent early adaptors to the technology. In 2007, the Vatican announced plans to install a solar power system, and in 2008 work began on the rooftop of Nervi Hall. Pope Benedict XVI has made a commitment to preserving the […] Read more

Surface Area Required to Power the World with Solar

Solar Cynic Joe: 500k square kilometers? It might seem small on the world map, but that’s a whole ton of solar panels… Science Geek Jane:: How cool!! That many panels would produce 94,000,000,000kWp, or 94 terawatts! Solar Cynic Joe: BUT, that comes at a cost of $290.836 TRILLION (~5x global GDP). And that number renews […] Read more

Solar Catching on in the NFL

There are few things more American than football. Millions of Americans gather around with friends and family every Sunday to watch all of the passes, plays and possessions. It’s no surprise, therefore, that advertisers have capitalized on the huge amounts of attention paid to the NFL and its games. It has not been until recently, […] Read more

$1B Distributed Solar Project Gets Financing

SolarCity is moving ahead with its landmark project to install solar PV on military housing complexes across the company. Bank of America Merrill Lynch announced they will finance the debt portion of the $1 billion project, and SolarCity will raise the rest through equity funds that qualify for the federal solar tax credit. Over the next five years, SolarCity will install solar systems that it […] Read more

Majority of IKEA Stores to be Solar by 2012

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA recently announced that three more of its stores plan to go solar by Spring 2012, bringing the total number of IKEA locations with solar to 23—the company has 38 stores in the U.S. The company announced a trio of new planned solar installations earlier in November. While IKEA said the […] Read more

Facebook’s New Gym Powered by Solar

Facebook’s new, 57-acre corporate site in Menlo Park, Calif., will feature a fitness center powered in part by the sun, thanks to a new 60-kilowatt hybrid solar hot water, photovoltaic system from Cogenra solar. The company has been increasing its presence with a number of new systems both on the consumer-use side and for agricultural […] Read more

How To: Make A Solar Windmill

The dependence on conventional energy sources is too much that this is a time to shift to renewable energy sources. In the year 2010 the energy consumption in the world increased by 5%. The solar cell production has increased by 50 % and wind power generation is growing at the rate of 30 % annually. […] Read more

PV + EV = A Match Made in Heaven

The premise of this article is that every American household with a place to plug in an electric vehicle (EV), and a place to put in solar photovoltaic system (PV), should get that EV and that PV, because then you drive for free and thereby save over $60,000. This opportunity might apply to 100 million […] Read more