Geoscape Solar launches ‘Sun For All’ program

Geoscape Solar has announced a unique financing program called “Sun ForAll,” which extends the company’s existing financing solutions fornon-profits and religious institutions by adding elements that help them reap the many benefits of solar energy. With this program, alltypes of non-profit institutions can save 50 percent over the utilitycost of electricity generated by a solar […] Read more

MEMC Electronic Materials Reinstates $550 Million Share Repurchase Program

I’m starting to get real interested in shares of MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR)down here and today’s announcement that the company will reinstate their repurchase program may just get me into a small position soon.  Theprogram was suspended in April 2009, but has been reinstated.  Up to$550 million in repurchase capacity remains and the company may […] Read more

SunEdison Launches New Solar Rooftop Program

SunEdison has signed an agreement with Weingarten RealtyInvestors, a real estate investment trust, for the deployment of up to10 MW of PV solar power plants in Arizona and New Mexico. Byleasing space on Weingarten’s underused rooftops SunEdison will installand operate solar energy systems that will allow Weingarten to convertunderused roof space into a source of new revenue, the […] Read more

NJ Solar Rebate Program Suspended

In April, we reported that New Jersey was putting its popular solar rebateprogram on hold for a month — until the state could get its financingstraight. Last Monday, the state started accepting applications again. While the new rebate level wasrevised downward, to $1.35 per watt, it was still something. Now, itseems the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), […] Read more

Intersolar North America Plans AWARD Program

Intersolar North America will feature the Intersolar AWARD, a solartechnology honor. Intersolar AWARD winners will be presented at the Hall of Fame exhibit during the three-day exhibition in San Francisco thisJuly. The third annual Intersolar AWARD pays tribute tooutstanding innovations by companies and institutions from around theworld. The competition is open to exhibitors participating at […] Read more

Astralux Solar Energy Partners Program Flourishes in Fort Collins Community

One Fort Collins community is taking full advantage of thesubstantial group discounts offered by the Astralux Energy Partners Program. Thus far 8 households in thisneighborhood have committed to going solar. Client services representative Osea Nelson helped build this group of solar enthusiasts. "It’s greatto see entire communities going solar – we are able to give […] Read more

Canon Reaffirms Green Procurement Program for Earth Day

Canon Middle East commemorated Earth Day by reaffirmingits commitment to purchasing environmentally conscious parts and rawmaterials. Mai Youssef, Corporate Communications Manager at Canon Middle East, said: "To commemorate Earth Day, Canon is proud toreaffirm its commitment to the environment and continue our focus oncontributing towards sustainable development." Canon’s greenprocurement program includes a strict set of […] Read more

Will China Curtail its Solar Program?

Despite the fact that China led the world in cleanenergy investments last year, the Chinese government is now backing away from ambitious plans to plantmegawatts of solar in the country. Concerned by the high cost of solar — which can be four times moreexpensive than fossil fuels — and fears that solar power won’t deliveron […] Read more

Colorado Launches Solar and Energy Rebate Program

Colorado customers of Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy have forseveral years been able to take advantage of solar rebates. The rebatesreduce the out-of-pocket cost of installing solar photovoltaic (PV)systems, which encourages more homeowners to install solar panels. To offer a similar option to individuals who aren’t customers of Xcel or Black Hills, Colorado is […] Read more

Oncor extends solar PV incentive program

Oncor announced an extension to its Solar Photovoltaic (PV) program,which offers incentives for the installation of qualifying Solar PVsystems. The success of the program helped develop the Solar PV marketin Oncor’s service area faster than expected. Earlier this year, Oncor nearly doubled funding for the program and still the budget wasfully subscribed in only two […] Read more

San Francisco Launches PACE Program

The city and county of San Francisco have officially launchedGreenFinanceSF. According to Oakland, Calif.-based Renewable Funding,which will administer the program and provide capital to fund theprojects, this is the U.S.’ largest property-assessed clean energy(PACE) program. San Francisco-based Stone & Youngberg andBackstrom McCarley Berry & Co. are serving as municipal bondunderwriters. The program allows San Francisco […] Read more

New Feed-In-Tariff program would help LA Homeowners and Businesses

Feed-In-Tariffs are quite a good program, as they boost the value ofsolar power installations and usage, making them better economicdecisions and greatly increasing the adoption of renewable energyprograms. A new comprehensive study found that a F.I.T. program in LA County would greatlybenefit not only the local businesses but also homeowners as well. Thisstudy calls for […] Read more

APS to Cut Solar Rebate Level to Extend Program

There is one down side to the current rise in the popularity of solar energy: solar rebate programs are hard-pressed to keep up with customer demand. The Salt River Project (SRP), an Arizona utility, found this out ayear ago and consequently reduced rebate levels. Now the state’s largest electricity provider, Arizona Public Service Co. (APS), is coming toterms with the […] Read more

Suniva Selected for Loan Guarantee Program by DOE

Suniva Inc., a US manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystallinesilicon solar cells and modules, announced that the company has beenselected for the US Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program underthe DOE’s Innovative Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and AdvancedTransmission and Distribution Technologies Solicitation. Uponthe completion of the DOE’s due diligence and subject to the successfulnegotiation of the terms […] Read more