11 Feb

U.S Not Down with India’s Solar Program


The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) filed a complaint against India to …

09 Dec

President Obama Doubles Down on Renewables

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Last Friday,  President Obama took an important step toward supporting a clean energy future by directing the …

05 Aug

In Focus: California Solar Credits


California’s solar rollover-credit program is creating quite a buzz across California. More commonly know as …

21 Jan

In Focus: The Energy Star Program

CleanEdison Blog

We’re all looking to save a buck – if we can save the environment while …

15 Jan

Did You Know? Individuals Can Buy And Trade Carbon Credits


One of the little-known facts about cap-and-trade is that individuals are allowed to buy and …

26 Oct

Ikea’s People & Planet Positive Sustainability Initiative


Earlier this week Ikea announced a new, global sustainability strategy under which, among other things, …

25 Sep

In Focus: Dupont’s Solar Quality Standards

Greentech Media

Solar installations were removed from twenty-four San Diego Unified School District campuses after corrosion was …

16 Sep

Why Some Republicans Support Clean Energy

Climate Progress

As an organization concerned deeply about climate change, we often heavily criticize the “all of …

14 Sep

The “No More Solyndras Act” Passes The House

No More Naked Roofs

As I expected the “No More Solyndras Act” was just passed in the House: Republicans on …

03 Sep

India Government Backs Electric Vehicle Program

2050 Magazine

The government of India has just approved a four billion dollar plan to support the …

15 Aug

Advanced Sustainability Certificates at The University of Vermont

The Green Market Oracle

Editor’s Note: I attended the University of Vermont. It was the best experience of my …

15 Aug

Election 2012: Obama (Wind) vs. Romney (Coal)

The Green Market Oracle

The election of 2012 offers the stark contrast between fossil fuels like coal and clean …