01 Oct

Reproducing Nuclear Reactor Damage in the Lab

The Daily Fusion

A new $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will enable University of …

17 Jun

UW Professor Designs Solar Cells that Store Energy


When people think about solar, they often think about harvesting- how to gather the energy. …

18 Feb

UConn Professor Uses Nanotech for 70% Efficient Solar Cell


While current solar energy technology, which is usually based on semiconductor technology made of silicon …

17 Dec

Chemistry Professor Sheds New Light on Solar Efficiency

Energy Refuge

One of the most crucial aspects of solar energy research is efficiency. The current average …

21 Dec

GROOVY: Professor Develops Solar Rainbow Machine


Michael Jones McKean, a former resident at the Bemis Center and now a professor at …

15 Jan

Inside Professor Peter Peumans Solar Lab

Greentech Media

Professor Peter Peumans of Stanford University spoke on Wednesday evening at the SVPVS (Silicon Valley …

19 Dec

“Personal” solar energy will help meet world’s energy needs, professor says

Cooler Planet

Personal-scale solar energy is essential to meeting the world’s energydemands in the next century, Massachusetts …