Will the Sun Stop Producing Solar Power?

I had a customer who wanted to talk about the risks of pursuing a solar installation in Massachusetts.  He didn’t ask the typical questions about snowfall reducing generation or hail potentially damaging the panels.  “What if the sun stops shining nextyear, or for some reason there is greatly reduced sunlight?,” he asked.  He was concerned […] Read more

Copper Mountain Solar Facility Starts Producing Electricity

With a plan to build a 500MW solar photovoltaic farm in the near future, Sempra Energy has entered into the record books by building the largest photovoltaicpower plant in the United States. Construction on the 48MW power plant,christened the Copper Mountain Solar Facility, began in January 2010 at a 380-acre desert site and included the […] Read more

SunEdison Begins Producing Solar Power At Staples’ California Fulfillment Center

SunEdisonjust announced that it has begun producing power from its new 1.1megawatt rooftop solar system at the Staples fulfillment center in LaMirada, California. This is the 32nd solar power system that Staples has hosted for SunEdison. Staples purchases the power produced by thesystems. ====> Click Here For Your FREE MEMC Electronic Materials Analysis ====> Click […] Read more

HighFlex Solar Producing Flexible and Lightweight Solar

What makes California’s Silicon Valleyunreproducible elsewhere is not its proximity to universities but theentrepreneurial spirit in its DNA.  On a typical day, in a cafe orrestaurant in Palo Alto, Menlo Park or Mountain View — most of theconversations I’m involved in or overhear are about new products, newcompanies and new investments.  It never stops.  Today […] Read more

Hoku Begins Producing Poly At Idaho Facility $HOKU

HokuMaterials just announced that it has actually started producingpolysilicon at its Pocatello, Idaho facility. The plant is currently in a testing phase that it expected to last about 3 weeks. In a press release, Scott Paul, president and chief executive officer of HokuCorporation, commented on the news: “This is a significant milestone for Hoku Materials. […] Read more

LG To Start Producing Solar Cells in January

Solar panels aren’t that different, from a manufacturing perspective, than LCD TVs. That’s one of the reasons South Korean conglomerates like LGElectronics and Samsung aim to become major solar producers. LG todaysaid that it would begin commercial production of solar modules inJanuary. LG’s first factory will have the capacity to produce 520,000modules and it will […] Read more

Malaysia’s Path: Producing Solar Panels to Solar Power

Recently Applied Materials hosted a high-level solar delegation fromMalaysia at our Santa Clara, California headquarters. Malaysia, likemany other developing countries, is at a crossroad of deciding how tobalance fast-growing energy needs with environmental concerns, energysecurity and economic development. Until today, Malaysia has prioritized industry and economicdevelopment. Now it is set to expand its solar industry, […] Read more

First Light Solar Park starts Producing Cean Eectricity for Canada

First Light Solar Park, Canada’s largest solar energy generating plant developed by SunEdison Canada and SkyPower Corphas officially opened. The facility will generate about 10 million KWhof renewable electricity in its first year that will be enough to power10,000 households with renewable energy. Thefacility consists of over 126,000 solar panels and is situated over 90acres […] Read more

Tata Group invests in Swiss start-up producing PV solar modules

INDIA: The Tata Group has invested in Flisom (Flexible and lightweightsolar modules), a Switzerland-based company, to mark its interest inthe solar photovoltaic industry and focus on developing the nextgeneration of clean energy as a future growth area. Further, aprivate Swiss investor with business interest in start-up companies whoprovided initial support and investment to scale-up the […] Read more

Why Solar ETFs Could Soon Shine Brighter (TAN) (KWT)

The price of solar panels is coming down so much that they’rebecoming affordable to some consumers. This could ultimately benefitsolar exchange traded funds (ETFs) as more people take their homes intothe era of green. The cost to install solar panels as a source of energy has droppednearly 40% over the last year, which has made […] Read more