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Residential Solar Permitting Streamlined in Palo Alto

Residential Solar Permitting Streamlined in Palo Alto

Palo Alto has taken another step towards making it easier than ever for residents of the California city to go solar. In addition to launching a feed-in tariff last year to support expansion of rooftop solar in the city, Palo Alto has now streamlined the permitting processes for residential and commercial solar photovoltaics (PVs). Last


In Focus: DIY Consumption

There is a revolution underway that is transforming consumption. If the twentieth century was marked by hyper-consumption the twenty-first century will be marked by collaborative consumption. This new form of consumption is being facilitated by a wide range of technological innovations. Social media is a great example of technologies that contribute to the new model


Can Solar Help The UAE Desalinate Water?

Countries under the Gulf Cooperation Council may soon have to look to the sun for help in powering desalination plants. Current systems require huge amounts of energy, are expensive and rather inefficient. It’s likely that they won’t last for more than 30 years which is why it’s being proposed that Gulf nations take help from


Real-time, In Process Chemical Analysis for Clean Energy Manufacturing

Tomorrow I will present a seminar to Applied Materials employees inSanta Clara California discussing a new ‘Green Chemical Analysis’technology. Chemical analysis is a part of our everyday lives,from identifying the components of consumer goods to monitoring material manufacturing processes. Classical chemical analysis of solidmaterials generally requires that a sample be dissolved in an acidsolution. The


A Look at Sundrop Solar’s Gasification Process

While most biomass-to-biofuels systems burnfeedstocks as the first step in biofuel production, Sundrop usesconcentrated solar energy to gasify the feedstocks into syngas that isthen made into advanced biofuels.  According to the company’s website,the very high temperatures of CSP create efficiencies in the process: At the center of the Sundrop Fuels process is our proprietary SurroundsunTM technology, a solar-thermal biomass


Is Solar a Product or a Process?

Last week I wrote an article looking at the ways the semiconductor industry and solar industry are similar and where they diverge. At the heart of the issue is a debate over whether solar companiesprimarily compete by out-doing each other with distinctively designedproducts or whether success lay in developing a superior manufacturingprocess. In other words,

NREL Develops New Air Conditioning Process That Saves 90% of Energy

The National Renewable Energy Lab has developed a new kind of air conditioning process that can help save about 90 percent energy.Since a major percentage of the energy consumed by an average householdis used up in cooling, 90 percent savings will definitely be huge. These researchers have invented a new process that uses membranes,evaporative cooling


Trends In Alternative Energy Process Equipment

Applied Materials (AMAT), the largestproducer of microchip process equipment to companies such as Intel,which has a major foothole in several U.S. cities including the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, predicted the future trend of a solar energy boom in 2006, leveraged its resources and know-how with respect toanalogous flat-panel display processing, and developed a product line

Evolution Solar completes process of forming Bermuda subsidiary

Management of Evolution Solar Corp. announced that the legal andadministrative process of forming its new Bermuda subsidiary wascompleted. EVSO announced on February 8th that the Company haddecided to form the new subsidiary, a step necessary for meetingcontractual eligibility under Bermuda law. The move is a deliberate step forward to aggressively pursue business opportunities that will

1366 Technologies teams with RENA to unveil high-efficiency cell process

1366 Technologies, a silicon photovoltaics (PV) equipment company, haspartnered with RENA, the PV market leader in wet processing, toincorporate 1366’s Self-Aligned Cell technology into a complete cellproduction process. The new high-efficiency silicon cell process will integrate 1366’s proprietary structured patterning technology with RENA’s wet processing technology. "Integrating 1366 Technologies into our existing process clusters will

New Process Uses Concentrated Solar Heat to Vaporize Biomass

A U.S. startup has developed a process that uses concentrated solar heat to vaporize biomass into synthetic fuels,a system the company says is cleaner and more efficient and can producetwice as much fuel per ton of biomass as existing systems. In theprocess, a network of solar mirrors direct sunlight at a mountedgasifying unit, heating ceramic

Masdar Institute Researchers Test New Solar Thermal Process

Researchers at the Masdar Institute, the TokyoInstitute of Technology and Cosmo Oil have begun to test a new/oldtechnology for converting heat from the sun into electricity that couldfurther cut costs. It works by adding another layer of mirrors to theprocess. In Masdar’s prototype, ground-based heliostats-i.e. flatmirrors — concentrate heat from the sun and aim it

DIY Solar Part 1: The Design Process

For homeowners around the world, the idea of reducing their power billsand helping the planet is pretty enticing. The problem now as it alwayshas been is money. Solar can be expensive, and even with governmentrebates the cost can scare some people away. If you are a do-it-yourselferyou’ve probably wondered if you can tackle a solar