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Bad News for California REC Generators

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted today on the Portfolio Content Category (aka ‘bucket status’) issue, and the result was not good for in-state generators of unbundled Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  In a 5-to-0 vote the CPUC approved the Proposed Decision in its current form, which classifies in-state unbundled RECs into ‘bucket 3’.  As


Federal Tax Credits: Holding Back Clean Energy in America

Clean energy advocates should cast aside their worries about increasing Republican scrutiny of energy subsidies.  The clean energy industry’s foolish reliance on tax incentives has already handcuffed its expansion. Unlike the leading nations in the clean energy race, the United States has no coherent energy policy.  Rather, its energy market is balkanized by 50 distinct


The Durability Problem in Solar

There is a reason why, to date, the vast majority of all PV installations have been based on crystalline wafer silicon. Work done over 40 years ago identified a system (cSi) that seemed towork quite well and that appeared reasonably durable.  Subsequentexperience demonstrated that, if the proper materials are chosen andcombined with good workmanship, the


Cleantech Jobs: No Background, No Experience, No Problem

As someone just getting into the cleantech industry and still feeling it out, like an adolescent boy getting his first girlfriend, I havefound out something quite hopeful and exciting. That is that just aboutanyone, no matter your education, background, or goals can find theright job or position within the industry. I came to this understanding while

Economists have Been Ignoring the Problem of Energy

Left unaddressed during the past 3 years in most of the debatesbetween economists has been the problem of energy. The reason is simple: post-war economists don’t do energy, except as anever-expanding resource that the credit system and technology makesavailable. For the post-war economist, the supply curve of energy–savefor brief lags–is always coming back into rough

The Energy Storage Problem

One of the main problems with solar power is that of storing energyfor non-solar periods.  On any given point on earth, there are anaverage of 12 hours of sunlight per day over the course of a year. Unfortunately, it is the times when the sun is not shining that weneed it’s power the most. With grid