Getting Bullish on Cleantech

Lately, I’ve been feeling very bullish on cleantech, from my perspective anyway. I’ve had a number of conversations with peers in the industry, property owners, and others to see what’s happening and if anyone is actually making any money. Don’t get my wrong, I still think there are opportunities. The question is:  are there opportunities […] Read more

Apple’s North Carolina Solar Array $AAPL

Apple recently announced that it is constructing what is billed to be the United States’ biggest end user owned solar array, which will have the capacity of producing renewable energy worth 42 million kilowatt hours every year. Apple’s initiative will greatly benefit its billion dollar data center situated in Maiden, North Carolina. The news isn’t […] Read more

In Focus: Private Utilities

Once upon a time there was society that grew and prospered as a result of all the work the people performed and the shared wealth of all. If one member of the group did well, the whole group did well. In this place, it was understood that certain things belonged to all as it was […] Read more

Gov’t Loan Guarantee Backstops Private Solar Investors

What do the following investors have in common:  John Hill,Doug Schatz, Invus Group, DCM,Bohemian Companies, Technology Partners, and GLGPartners. They are all nursing hangovers after getting a $400 million Obama administration backstop July 3 for their $150million in equity investments in solar module company Abound Solar.   It is also noteworthy that the $400 million […] Read more

BLM Restrictions Cause Solar Thermal to Seek Private Land

It appears as though bureaucracy at the federal level is killing some solar thermal projects out West, delaying others, or scaling themdown.  Companies that have been depending upon the Bureau of LandManagement to approve solar thermal projects on federal land have foundthemselves the target of environmentalists working to protect thesurrounding ecosystems from the impacts of […] Read more

New York Pension Invests in Green Private Equity Fund

The New York State Common Retirement Fund has upped its alternative investments by $150 million. The public pension put $100 million with Hudson Clean EnergyPartners, a private equity fund. The investment closed on Oct. 30 andis part of the fund’s Green Strategic Investment Program. NYSCRF also invested an additional $50 million with Brevan HowardAsset Management. […] Read more

Southern Africa set for flood of renewable energy projects

Despite the considerable potential that exists to produce electricityusing renewable energy (RE) in Southern Africa, RE projects have beenlargely limited to off-grid, small-scale applications. However,the renewable energy market in South Africa is expected to growexponentially in the next few years, owing to the announcement of therenewable energy feed-in tariff made in March 2009. New analysisfrom […] Read more

Survey: Cleantech Execs Bullish On Sector

Despite a significant decline in private funding of cleantechcompanies in the first quarter of this year, a recent survey shows thatcleantech executives are bullish on the asset class. Ina survey conduced by Polachi Inc., a provider of executive services totechnology, clean technology, private equity and venture capitalcompanies, nearly 90% of respondents indicated they predict growth inthe […] Read more

What is the clean energy bank and why is it in Waxman-Markey

While the climate title in Waxman-Markey is certainlyunnecessarily weak as is the renewable energy standard, the bill hasmany other terrific provisions (see “The triumph of energy efficiency” and “Toolbox Assessment” of Waxman-Markey“). One of those is the Clean Energy Deployment Administration.  The Centerfor American Progress, long a champion of such a clean energy bank, hasa primer […] Read more

Solar Thermal On Private Land: Pros and Cons

Getting approval to build onBLM land has proven to be a huge headache, so private parcels shouldbecome more attractive. Or will they? Is public land that much more attractive for solar-thermal power projects? It would seem so, judging by the more than 200 applications that thefederal Bureau of Land Management has received in recent years […] Read more

Venture Capital Still Bullish on Cleantech

Thelong-term outlook for the cleantech sector remains positive, despitethe recent slump in private equity investment, according to a reportfrom alternative investment research firm Preqin. The report found that although private equity investment incleantech has fallen this year, growing numbers of investment funds areexpressing interest in the market. Prequin’s research showed that between 2004 and 2008, […] Read more