29 Jul

Getting Bullish on Cleantech

The Green Light Distrikt

Lately, I’ve been feeling very bullish on cleantech, from my perspective anyway. I’ve had a …

22 Feb

Apple’s North Carolina Solar Array $AAPL


Apple recently announced that it is constructing what is billed to be the United States’ …

08 Sep

In Focus: Private Utilities


Once upon a time there was society that grew and prospered as a result of …

12 Jul

Gov’t Loan Guarantee Backstops Private Solar Investors

Energy Boom

What do the following investors have in common:  John Hill,Doug Schatz, Invus Group, DCM,Bohemian Companies, …

27 Mar

BLM Restrictions Cause Solar Thermal to Seek Private Land

Energy Examiner

It appears as though bureaucracy at the federal level is killing some solar thermal projects …

04 Dec

New York Pension Invests in Green Private Equity Fund

CleanTech Brief

The New York State Common Retirement Fund has upped its alternative investments by $150 million. …

05 Aug

Southern Africa set for flood of renewable energy projects

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Despite the considerable potential that exists to produce electricityusing renewable energy (RE) in Southern Africa, …

04 Aug

Survey: Cleantech Execs Bullish On Sector

CleanTech Brief

Despite a significant decline in private funding of cleantechcompanies in the first quarter of this year, …

19 Jun

What is the clean energy bank and why is it in Waxman-Markey

Climate Progress

While the climate title in Waxman-Markey is certainlyunnecessarily weak as is the renewable energy standard, …

15 Jun

Solar Thermal On Private Land: Pros and Cons

Greentech Media

Getting approval to build onBLM land has proven to be a huge headache, so private …

05 Jun

Venture Capital Still Bullish on Cleantech

CleanTech Brief

Thelong-term outlook for the cleantech sector remains positive, despitethe recent slump in private equity investment, …