24 Mar

Solar: 100GW by 2018


In 2018 the annual deployment of photovoltaics is anticipated to grow to 100 gigawatts a …

04 Mar

The Perovskite Moment

Pat Bahn

The Silicon Solar PV industry has achieved miraculous cost reductions moving the cost per watt …

13 Feb

BMW’s Laser Light Technology


When talking about lasers, most people would only think of scenes from their favorite sci-fi …

10 Feb

In Focus: Green Cars at CES 2014


As the fossil fuel prices are soaring day by day, companies are forced to take …

05 Feb

Top 5 Famous Solar Sites


Some of the most recognizable locations in the world are now becoming world famous solar …

04 Feb

A123 Systems is Back!

Greentech Media

Grid-scale batteries are a hard business to break into — and a hard business to …

20 Jan

6 Million+ Hybrids Sold by Toyota


Talk about a milestone. The grandfather of hybrid vehicles, Toyota Motor Company, announced on Tuesday they …

12 Dec

Solar Capital Spending to Rise 42% in 2014


According to IHS (NYSE: IHS), global capital spending by producers of PV modules, cells, ingots, wafers, and polysilicon …

06 Dec

Nissan Leaf Driver Steals Energy from School

Greentech Media

Kaveh Kamooneh says he was just trying to get a little juice while he watched …

05 Dec

Mercedes + Tesla = B-Class Electric Drive


Electric cars are gaining serious momentum, and the number of car makers that start investing …

03 Dec

China: Now The World’s Largest Solar Market

The Solarserver

In October 2013 NPD Solarbuzz Inc. (Santa Clara, California, U.S.) published a new analysis which …

12 Nov

Toyota and BMW Work on Hybrid Car


If ever there was going to be a “cool” car amongst hybrids, the brainchild of …