Keystone XL: Refuting the Approval Rationale

Despite all of the efforts being made to resist the construction of the Keystone XL, it will likely gain the approval of U.S. President Barack Obama. Supporting evidence for the notion that we will move ahead with the Keystone XL comes from the corporate sector. Powerful corporate interests have considerable resources that often enable them to […] Read more

PV book-to-bill in Q3’10 dips from previous eight-quarter high

In Q3’10 (ending September 30), the PV Book-to-Bill ratio fell after aneight-quarter high during Q2’10, to a three-month average of 1.16,according to new Solarbuzz PV Book-to-Bill analysis featured within thePV Equipment Quarterly report. In addition, growth rates for thebacklog of solar photovoltaic manufacturing equipment returned tosingle-digit percentage levels, similar to trends observed at the end […] Read more