Sulfurcell’s Headquarters 100% Powered by Solar

Sulfurcell,a manufacturer of solar modules, has announced the development of asustainable office building, which proves that solar construction canbe both aesthetically pleasing and economic. The complex, whichprovides space for an administrative building and a production hall,features solar façade cassettes that have been deployed for the firsttime. Thesolar cassettes carry hardened, frameless glass, enabling the modulesto […] Read more

Solar-Powered Mobile Script Concept Cellphone

Industrial designer Aleksander Mukomelovis trying to make use of the latest advancements in technology,including flexible displays in a hi-tech cellphone dubbed the MobileScript. The cellphone is designed to offer mobility, constant internetaccess, access to documents, games and give the best in terms of meansof communication and contact. Thecellphone carries two touchscreens – a rigid small […] Read more

WCI students create solar-powered Ford Model-T replica

A student team at the Waterloo Collegiate Institutehas designed a Model-T replica that doesn’t drink gas but harnesses theabundant energy of the sun for power. The truck was built on achallenge by the Reduce the Juice Foundation that promotes projectsthat reduce emissions. Working on a sponsorship ofjust $4300, the student team had to hit up […] Read more

Briz Solar Powered Window Blinds That Can Double Up as AC

One of the amazing gifts of technology is AC (air conditioner) butunfortunately it consumes much power and is also responsible for thedepletion of Ozone layer. Briz Solar Powered Window Blinds designed byNari Kim and Phullip Lim is a wish come true for all eco conscious andeco friendly people. It does function as AC by cooling […] Read more

EnergySure to develop solar and wind powered electric vehicle

Renewable energy company EarthSure has announcedthat the company is planning to build an electric vehicle that willharness solar and wind energy to fuel its battery bank. Dubbed AirRay,the patent pending design will be equipped with a solar roof and fourwind turbines to provide all necessary electricity to keep thebatteries charged up. AirRay’sentire system is unique, […] Read more

Vineyards going entirely solar powered!

Everyone knows it’s the light from the sun that lets grapes grow andover time that’s what gives us great wines, but its electrical powerthat actually runs the equipment and machinery needed to make wine. Whynot make the production part of wine making solar powered as well? Wellthat’s exactly what an increasing number of west coast […] Read more

Science Center Powered by Solar Energy and Fuel Cells

Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the Connecticut Science Center has opened the doors of a new LEED-certified facility. 95% of the steel used in the construction is manufactured from recycled cars.In addition to its ecofriendly bones, the building also makes use of afuel cell that provides approximately two-thirds of the needed power. Thescience center […] Read more

Toyota to develop solar-powered charging station for EVs

  Toyota Industries Corp has announced that the company is developing electricvehicle charging stations that won’t drain the grid, but will rely onthe abundant energy of the sun. The solar-powered EV charging stationswill first harness solar energy and store it in batteries, which is then used to recharge electric vehicles.

Solar Powered Media Wall at Taipei Pop Music Center

Nabito Architects have proposed a stunning media wall to grace the Taipei Pop Music Centerthat integrates a photovoltaic façade to power LED panels. Theever-changing wall can broadcast news, weather information,advertisements and trailers for upcoming events. TheTaipei Pop Music Center Competition won’t just showcase pop musictalents but will also display innovative uses of renewable energy. Themedia […] Read more

Poseidon Solar-Powered Concept Yacht

Designedby Demetrius Tanase, the Poseidon Concept Yacht is a 12m long vesseldesigned specifically for recreation and comfort. The surprisinglygreen luxury yacht combines the benefits of solar power and a low-dragdesign for better use of electrical energy. Tomake sure that the yacht gets the most out of the sun, the designer hasintegrated solar panels on the […] Read more

Practical Solar Powered Lights

We’veseen solar panels being stuffed into all kinds of gadgets includingcellphones and MP3 players. Here is a more practical use of solarenergy by designers Cheng-Tsung Feng, Yao-Chieh Lin and Bo-Jin Wang,who have integrated solar panels and the goodness of technology in aconcept traffic light. TheSolar Traffic Light, as the product has been entitled, includesDiscolor LED […] Read more

PV Powered Introduces PowerVault

PV Powered Inc., a manufacturer of solar inverters, has unveiled  PowerVault, a turnkey and fully customizable DC-to-medium-voltage platform designed for multi-megawatt solar installations. PowerVaultis a fully engineered and factory-assembled inverter power plant withDC inputs on one side and medium-voltage outputs on the other. Theinverters, switchboard and monitoring system are housed in an enclosurethat is listed […] Read more

Solar Powered jacket from Zegna

Learning from others mistakes is common, but finding faults in one’sown design is quite difficult to admit. Italian high end fashion brandErmenegildo Zegna has done just that when it launched its secondversion of a solar jacket- Ecotech Solar Jacket, as a part of the ZegnaSport collection.   Zegna is credited to have designed the first […] Read more