24 Feb

Kieran Timberlake Designs Solar Powered American Embassy in London


Kieran Timberlakehas been announced as the winner of the Embassy of the U.S. LondonDesign Competition …

24 Feb

Solar ddok – The solar powered multi-socket power outlet


Solar multi-socket outlets aren’t very common today. That’s probablywhy the ‘Solar ddok’ won the Red …

18 Feb

MVRDV’s Solar Powered Water Cube Pavilion


MVRDVhas unveiled the design of “The Water Cube Pavilion” for the World Expo2012 to be …

16 Feb

Solar-powered refrigeration for commercial cold storage applications


When you know that electricity is a rare and cherished commodity, everyeffort for alternative sources …

10 Feb

Solar Powered Alarm Clock by Kubík Petr


Therecent advancements in renewable energy technology have made itpossible for industrial designers to think of …

09 Feb

Geotectura’s Gasoline Station Offering Solar Powered EV Charging


Withthe rise in the number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on thestreets, it will …

07 Feb

Self Powered Eco-Cybernetic City


Conceived as a city that takes input from nature and the surrounding the Eco-Cybernetic City …

28 Jan

Will Next Generation Apple iPad be Solar Powered?

Energy Boom

While the media and consumers are clamouring about the Apple iPadand how quickly you can …

25 Jan

PV Powered Docks School in France


Eco Factor: Net zero energy school gets powered by on-site solar panels. Mikou Design Studiohas …

22 Jan

Solar powered MercuryHouseOne: Where Green meets Luxury!


We all keep talking about going green, conserving natural resources, always being environmentally conscious and …

18 Jan

Heliotropis Solar Powered Kinetic Sculpture


Theflower includes solar panels to collect the energy from the sun that itwill use for …

14 Jan

Mitsubishi’s Solar Powered Container Vegetable Plant


We have talked about the solar powered air-conditioned trucksby Mitsubishi Chemical in the past.   …