12 Jun

The Solar Powered Flying 5 Star Hotel Concept by Thomas Rodemeier


Working to design a five-star mobile hotel, industrial designerThomas Rodemeier has come up with a …

28 May

Futuristic Opel Flow Solar Powered Concept Car


The Opel Flow is a concept vehicle designed by Miika Heikkinen torepresent Opel in the …

20 May

The T3 solar powered robot for green playtime


Solar power is slowly but surely invading our lives, for a betterfuture. It’s now toys …

15 May

Top 5 Solar Powered Sports Stadiums

Energy Boom

Regardless of what country you live in, sports are a significantaspect of life; as such, …

08 May

The 9 Largest Solar-Powered Creations

Cooler Planet

With environmental issues and solar-powered innovation at the forefrontof everyone’s mind these days, countries across …

02 May

Solar Powered Boat from ARKKI


If the rise in the average temperature of the planet continues as it is today, …

01 May

Solar Powered Economic Engine

Cleantech, Applied

The message in Rob DeLine’s article published in the latest issue of Fortnightly SPARK is …

30 Apr

Japan Sets Sail for Space Using Solar-Powered Spacecraft IKAROS

Energy Boom

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is about ready to set sail forthe solar system …

28 Apr

Japan’s Solar Powered Spaceship

The Solar Ninja

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has recently publicized its plansto launch a solar-powered ’space yacht’, according …

20 Apr

The Solar Powered Audi Cross-Tareq


The Audi Cross-Tareq is a zero-emission concept vehicle that isdesigned to run clean on an …

18 Apr

HP Woking on Solar Powered Flexible Wrist Displays


HP is working on a technology that could enable soldiers read maps,directions and other important …

15 Apr

India’s First 1MW Rooftop Plant Powered by Suniva

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Suniva Inc., a US manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystallinesilicon solar cells and modules, announced that its …