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Solar Powered Hydrogen Fueling Stations Come to Italy

Solar Powered Hydrogen Fueling Stations Come to Italy

Clean energy company, Acta Group, has plans to install a network of solar-powered hydrogen fueling stations throughout Italy.  The company has created a commercial system for converting water tohydrogen using solar energy, which means it can be accessed at fuelingstations across the country.  Why Hydrogen? Even though it’s emissions-friendly, the componentsrequired for its conversion do

Brooklyn Yard Scraper Building Powered by Solar

Rogers Marvel Architects have designed a striking proposal for the redevelopment of the Brooklyn House of Detention, by converting the city-owned land into a mixed-usebuilding that carries the texture of Brooklyn into vertical urban form. Christened the Brooklyn Yard Scraper, the sustainable buildingprovides space for commercial, residential and recreational needs whilereducing its impact on the


Samsung “Flaske” Cellie Powered by Fuel Cells

Eco Factor: Environmentally friendly concept cellphone powered by a fuel cell. The Samsung Flaske by industrial designer Yanlei Wu has been designed for young females who want to remain connected withseveral social networking sites without compromising on their greenlifestyles. The next-gen smartphone comes with a built-in GPS system and Geo Tagging to allow users to


SunPods to Unveil Solar Powered EV Charging Station

California-based company SunPods Inc., is all geared up to unveil what it calls as the world’s firstfactory-built, solar-powered electric-vehicle charging station at the Cleantech Open event in San Jose this Thursday. Called the “SP-300 Plug-N-Go,” thisgreen charging station is capable of charging two vehiclessimultaneously. It also stores excess energy, which can then be soldback to

The Solar-powered Eunoia Airship

Air travel has earned a bad name in the transportation industry forbeing the most polluting means of commuting. Looks like industrialdesigner Thomas Tzortzi is here to change our perception. The London-based designer has come up with a luxury airship concept that offers a zero-emissionaerial commute. Dubbed the Eunoia, this gondola is powered by solarpanels spread

Panasonic Sees Self-Powered Homes by 2020

After merging with Sanyo, Japanese giant Panasonic believes that bythe year 2020 every home will produce enough clean energy for its ownneeds. The company has talked about plans being put in place to step upchange to enable homes to run off-grid within the next decade. Referred to as GT 12 (Green Transformation 12), the new

Students Construct Solar Powered Homes for Homeless

Humanity and eco-consciousness is what we have to learn from a group of students from Seminole Vocational Education Center. The studentslearned carpentry and electrician skills under a construction programoffered in the center and wanted to utilize their knowledge to helpothers. In order to fulfill their desire the young environmentalistjoined hands with Pinellas Hope and Catholic

Advanced Energy, PV Powered Expand Inverter Line

Advanced Energy Industries Inc. and PV Powered have introduced a series of new PV inverterproducts and an expanded service offering. The products include a new 500 kW product portfolio for utility-scale, large commercial, andground-mount grid-tied PV installations. The combined product familyincludes the Solaron 500 kW 600 V bipolar, 500 kW 1000 V and PV Powered500


Solar-Powered Plane Flies into New Era

Solar-powered plane sets record by flyingall night “When you took off it was another era. You land in a new era where peopleunderstand that with renewable energy you can do impossible things.” Solar Impulse co-founder BertrandPiccard to pilot André Borschberg At 9 AM this morning Swiss time, the Solar Impulse airplane entered the record books


Solar Powered Bio-fuel Processors

A new concept seems ready to join a long list of already existinghigh efficiency bio-fuel production techniques. Researchers at thePurdue University have developed a concept which could help inincreasing the bio fuel production. The compact solar powered bio-fuelprocessors allow the conversion of biomass to a liquid fuel on the siteitself thereby circumventing the need to


Growth at ReneSola Powered by Cost Advantages and Customer Alliances $SOL

This is Day 3 of Winner’s Week in which we highlight five clean energy/tech companies whose share priceperformances significantly outperformed the overall markets and theirclean peers during the first half of 2010 and the year from July 1,2009. Today we are reviewing the remarkable share price performanceof ReneSola Ltd. (ADR) (NYSE:SOL), a China-based manufacturer of

The Lambo Studio Project Solar Powered Studio

The Lamboo Company, a name known for its structural bamboo is out with a home design toexhibit their line of products. The step towards this promotional effort is called the “Lambo Studio Project”. It is a small solar poweredstudio that will be made mostly from renewable resources like a corkfloor, bamboo I-joists, bamboo curved beams