14 Sep

LG Bluetooth Headset Powered by Solar


Eco Factor: Bluetooth headset powered by solar energy. LG has unveiled a new Bluetooth headset …

14 Sep

PV Powered wins stage 3 SEGIS contract

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Advanced Energy Industries Inc. announced that PV Powered Inc., anAdvanced Energy company, has been selected …

13 Sep

Solar Powered Hybrid Yacht from Astheimer


UK-based design firm  Ltd has conceptualized a low-emission superyacht that is propelled by ahybrid engine, …

06 Sep

The Solar Powered G2 Street Lighting Module


Industrial designer Robert Lipinski, the designer of Luceplan’s Sky Solar-powered LED lighting system, has shared …

31 Aug

Solar Powered Hydrogen Fueling Stations Come to Italy

Energy Boom

Clean energy company, Acta Group, has plans to install a network of solar-powered hydrogen fueling …

12 Aug

Brooklyn Yard Scraper Building Powered by Solar


Rogers Marvel Architects have designed a striking proposal for the redevelopment of the Brooklyn House …

07 Aug

Samsung “Flaske” Cellie Powered by Fuel Cells


Eco Factor: Environmentally friendly concept cellphone powered by a fuel cell. The Samsung Flaske by …

02 Aug

Powered by Nano Generators: The Colibri Eco Mobile Phone


The Colibri Eco Mobile Phone by Nelly Trakidou takes cellphonetechnology to the extreme. The designer …

27 Jul

DiCaprio’s Solar Powered Inception by Pure Power

Energy Boom

I know, I know, these aren’t the exciting back-stage movie shots that Perez Hilton would …

22 Jul

SunPods to Unveil Solar Powered EV Charging Station


California-based company SunPods Inc., is all geared up to unveil what it calls as the …

21 Jul

The Solar-powered Eunoia Airship


Air travel has earned a bad name in the transportation industry forbeing the most polluting …

20 Jul

Panasonic Sees Self-Powered Homes by 2020


After merging with Sanyo, Japanese giant Panasonic believes that bythe year 2020 every home will …