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Green Mountain Power Corporation: Powered by 5 Statewide Solar Projects

Green Mountain Power Corporation (GMP) — Vermont’s second-largestutility company — has contracted Alteris Renewables to build solarenergy systems throughout the state in order to meet a company goal of10,000 panels installed in 1,000 days. The plan began with a 58-kilowatt (KW) installation at WestminsterService Center and a 4-KW system at Colchester headquarters for plug-inhybrid cars.

Solar-powered Desalinisation

A team from MIT’s Field and Space Robotics Laboratory (FSRL) in theDepartment of Mechanical Engineering has come up with a way to operatedesalinsation systems, typically typically large-scale installationsthat require lots of energy to operate, as portable, solar-poweredsystems that could be rapidly deployed to areas in need of potable water in the wake of disaster or

Solar-Powered Trash Compactors from BigBelly Solar

BigBelly Solar, based in Newton, MA, markets and sells the world’s first trash compactor powered by solar power.  Trash is compacted with no utility connection needed, therebyminimizing the number of garbage pickups necessary and reducingoperating costs by up to 80%. The average trash compactor requires a grid-based electricityconnection.  With Big Belly Solar, the sun shine


Solar-Powered Desalination — A Potential Solution For Water Problems?

With estimates of people without access to fresh water by 2025nearing 3.5 billion, scientists are looking to desalination as apossible solution. Even better, two solar-powered desalination prototypes were recently tested making the solution not only beneficial to peoplewithout water, but those without access to electricity as well.  Desalination basically works by evaporating sea water, leaving


Hydrogen-powered Nano-battery Inspired by Solar Technology

Eduard Karpov, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has received a three-year $217,000 grant from the National ScienceFoundation to develop a new battery he calls the “catalothermionicgenerator”. The battery will generate power on a flat surface, just like in a photovoltaic or solar cell, but here instead of sunlight, hydrogen oxidation

PV growth powered by market-driven innovation

DuPont Electronics & Communications president David B. Miller saidthat the company expects to achieve $1 billion in revenue from salesinto the photovoltaic market in 2010 — one year ahead of schedule. The growth is supported by new market-driven innovations that improve solar module efficiency and performance, bringing costs down in line withother forms of energy


Fuel Cell Powered Apartment Buildings Coming to NYC

After powering many commercial properties with green energy,fuel-cell technology is now set to take over residential buildings aswell. New York will soon flaunt one of the first large-scale residential projects powered by fuel cells. Under the projects, two buildings willuse fuel cells weighing 60,000 pounds to provide them with energy. Thefuel cells convert natural gas

Here Come the Battery Powered Benz’s

After its attempt to go green with the B-Class F-CELL fuel-cell car, Mercedes-Benz adds yet another green version to its name. The German automobilemanufacturer plans to produce 500 battery-powered “E-Cell” versions ofits small A-Class. Powered by a quiet, emission-free electric drive, the compact five-seater offers a range of more than 124 miles. The A-Class E-CEL


PV Powered Tapped for Solar Energy Grid Project

On Monday, the Colorado-based Advanced Energy Industries announced that one of its companies, PV Powered, has been contracted to carry out development work for stage three of the Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS) project. Started in 2008, the project is funded by the U.S. Department ofEnergy (DOE) and administered by Sandia National Laboratories. It is aportion of


LG Bluetooth Headset Powered by Solar

Eco Factor: Bluetooth headset powered by solar energy. LG has unveiled a new Bluetooth headset for those who want theirportable electronic gear to be fueled by clean energy beamed by the sun. Dubbed the LG HBM-810, the headset comes with a charging cradle thatharvests abundant solar energy to energize it. The headset has beendesigned to

PV Powered wins stage 3 SEGIS contract

Advanced Energy Industries Inc. announced that PV Powered Inc., anAdvanced Energy company, has been selected to continue development workfunded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy TechnologiesProgram (SETP) and administered by Sandia National Laboratories. The effort is focused on lowering the barriers to adoption of solar energyon the utility grids of North America.


Solar Powered Hybrid Yacht from Astheimer

UK-based design firm  Ltd has conceptualized a low-emission superyacht that is propelled by ahybrid engine, with the electric engine getting powered by an onboardarray of solar panels. The 75m superyacht features an explorer type hull and a fluid, sculpted superstructure that offers spacious interior andexterior spaces, allowing the owner and guests to connect with themarine


The Solar Powered G2 Street Lighting Module

Industrial designer Robert Lipinski, the designer of Luceplan’s Sky Solar-powered LED lighting system, has shared with us his new creation – the G2 all-in-one street lighting module that gets powered by renewable solar energy. The G2 is an intelligent wireless outdoor lighting system thatcombines a high efficiency solar panel and a high-capacity lithiumpolymer battery to