07 Mar

Why Facebook Wants A Solar Drone Company


A rumor’s been swirling around the Internet this week that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are …

03 Feb

Solar-Powered Computers for Students in Africa

The Daily Fusion

A business which is based at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park (UNIP) has developed …

19 Jun

New York City Gets 25 Solar Streetchargers


Goal Zero’s solar chargers and battery backups have been used in some of the toughest …

18 Oct

Pictoral Installs 757 Kilowatt PV Array


Pictorial, a family-owned, New Jersey commercial printer since 1938, is now benefitting from its new …

05 Sep

The Princeton Satellite Systems’ SunStation EV Charging Station


Solar EV charging stations are hardly new – as regular readers of SolarChargedDriving.Com surely know. …

13 Aug

Lockheed Martin Working on Solar Generator for Navy


One of the most dangerous situations for the armed forces is simply delivering fuel. It …

22 Dec

Solar Powered Emergency Shelters from Song Kee Hong


The Haven is a concept emergency shelter that can easily beairlifted to disaster areas or …

21 Dec

The “Double” Solar Powered Cell Phone from ZTE Corporation


Designers at ZTE Corporation have unveiled a new concept cellphone, dubbed the Double, which willnever …

13 Dec

U.S. Army Testing Solar Powered Tents and Shades


The U.S. Army is testing a host of flexible, portable andlightweight solar-powered shades and tent-like …

09 Dec

Solar Powered Air Conditioner from Gree Electric Appliances


China’s Gree Electric Appliances has developed the country’s first solar-powered air-conditioning system that can also …

02 Dec

Chinese Student Creates Solar Powered Egg House


In an effort to reduce his living expenditure in a city likeBeijing, Daihai Fei, a …

30 Nov

The Solar Powered Water Collector and Purifier Concept


With more than a billion people on our planet still striving hardfor fresh water, industrial …