Empire State Building Retrofit: Here Come the Copycats

Energy efficiency upgrades to NYC’s Empire State Building have been so successful they are seen as a model for building retrofits that’s being rolled out across the US. For the second consecutive year, the building exceeded its “guaranteed energy savings.” In 2011, the Empire State Building beat its year-one energy-efficiency guarantee by 5%, saving $2.4 million, and in year two, it beat […] Read more

With DOE Loan Guarantee, SoloPower Opens Oregon Plant

  SoloPower is preparing to receive dispersement of a $197 million U.S. DOE Loan Guarantee. Federal loan guarantees supporting solar manufacturing have gone the way of the Dodo since the demise of Solyndra, but SoloPower was grandfathered into the program, and as it prepares to open its new manufacturing facility this Thursday (Sep. 27), it’s […] Read more

Top 10 American Cities Ready for Electric Vehicles

The likelihood that your town is electric vehicle-friendly depends on many factors. First of all, it helps if you live in one of the areas where the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf were first issued. Another boost comes if you live in one of the 25 cities selected for the EV Project, a U.S. Department […] Read more

Oregon Releases 10 Year Energy Plan

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber released a 10-year Energy Plan, and unlike that of the House in Congress, it focuses on energy efficiency and clean energy. It starts by saying, “Energy is THE issue of our time – both globally and here in Oregon – and no single issue will have a greater impact on our state’s […] Read more

Portland, Oregon: Getting Energy Efficiency Right

Portland, Oregon’s Climate Action Plan is working – greenhouse gas emissions are now 6% below 1990 levels and down 26% per person, even though population has grown 26% over that time. Over the same period, US emissions rose 12%. Portland and Mutnomah County released a 2-year progress report on their 3-year Climate Action Plan, which […] Read more

The 5 Greenest Cities in America

The following cities are known for being very health-conscious and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  Whether you’re planning a vacation or a move, consider checking out any of these places if you’re looking to be surrounded by people who understand the importance of not just physical health, but also the health of the environment and how […] Read more

Vestas to get Ecofriendly HQ in Portland

Vestas the world’s largest wind turbine maker is all ready totransform Meier & Frank Depot Building in Northwest Portland’s Pearl District into its a revamped eco-friendly North American headquarters.The $66 million project will employ 670 construction workers to convertthe 1928 structure into clean energy showpiece. The refurbished building will paint the town of Portland a […] Read more

2.4 MW Portland Solar Project To Use PV Powered Inverters

PV Powered Inc. says its commercial invertersare being installed in a 2.4 MW project in Portland, Ore. Theinstallation, which will be managed by a joint venture between PortlandGeneral Electric and U.S. Bank, will cover approximately 900,000 squarefeet on the rooftops of seven ProLogis distribution warehouses in thePortland area. Thin-film solar panels will be installed. For […] Read more