08 Jan

In Focus: Renewables Development in the Emerging World


Do a Google search for renewable power and you will find thousands of links to …

10 Nov

Growth in Low Income Housing Solar


Solar neighborhoods are gaining ground in lower income housing projects, here are some recent examples. Since Hurricane Katrina, …

29 Oct

The Fenix ReadySet Kit: Helping Power Africa

2050 Magazine

San Francisco-based Fenix International originally developed the ReadySet Solar Kit in 2008 to provide flexible …

27 Jul

Bangladesh Hits 1 Million Solar Systems Milestone


In one of the poorest countries on the planet a renewable energy service company is …

02 May

Low-Income Housing Residents Going Solar


Until recently, the low-income housing community has been a tough nut for the solar industry …

06 Mar

The Energy Crisis in Pakistan


Pakistan, a country battling many political and economical issues, is currently facing around 6 GW …

28 Feb

Solar In a Suitcase


A group called We Care Solar has developed an innovative product that provides solar electricity …

21 Feb

In Focus: Business Call to Action (BCTA)

Energy Refuge

Low-income Africans and South Asians will have access to solar power thanks to an initiative …

08 Feb

Solar in the Bag


That’s the hope of MIT researcher Andreas Mershin, Ph.D., who’s developing a material that could …

06 Jan

Solar Approaches ‘Diesel Parity’ in Pakistan

Green Chip Stocks

Pakistan is a energy deficit country like most other South Asian countries with inadequate investment  …

06 Jan

Solar for the Poor

Energy Refuge

Energy Bulletin has a thought-provoking article by Carl Pope in which the author suggests ways …

04 Jan

Solar Power Off the Grid

Yale Environment 360

After the Durban talks last month, climate realists must face the reality that “shared sacrifice,” …