18 Mar

Solar for Low Income Families

Ameco Solar Blog

Although solar panels for homes have dropped in price over the last decade, they still …

13 Jan

Green Car Vouchers for the Poor


Transportation is one of the most significant expenses for many people, and has a huge …

10 Jan

Solar and Affordable Housing

Ameco Solar Blog

California solar energy installations are sometimes seen as a luxury that only the rich can …

14 Dec

Renewable Energy Development in Africa

The Daily Fusion

Not only energy’s future, but also Africa’s entire continent will be based on using renewable energy …

22 Apr

Bill Gates Discusses Energy in Developing Nations


Anyone who discounts what Bill Gates says on any issue has some explaining to do.  …

21 Mar

Pay-As-You-Go Solar in India


India-based Simpa Networks is using a pay-as-you-go method  to make solar energy affordable to people living in rural …

26 Feb

The 100K Solar Lantern Project Announced by Panasonic


Panasonic Corporation is set to distribute 100,000 solar L.E.D. lanterns to people in electricity scarce …

14 Feb

Middle East Solar Industry Could Hit $6.8 Billion


The Middle East is boosting its solar power sector with $6.8 billion worth of projects …

13 Feb

Why Emerging Solar Markets are Essential


Moving into emerging markets is a big risk, but one that utility-scale solar developers will …

12 Feb

13 Off Grid Solar Projects Light Up Sierra Leone


Electricity shortage is a common problem in the nation of Sierra Leone’s experience. Now a …

04 Feb

Kyoto Protocol Update: 6000 Projects and Counting


Although many people criticize the ability of corporations or countries to “offset” their emissions by …

30 Jan

In India, Solar Refrigerators Are Saving Food


When it comes to food wastage, India has a unique problem. There problem doesn’t like …