Toyota Ponders Solid State Batteries $TM

Toyota recently unveiled a prototype of its all-solid-state battery,the latest entrant in a technology niche that could become the next bigthing. In solid state batteries, a liquid electrode is replaced with a crystalline membrane or other solid. Orlando, Florida-based Planar Energy claims that it has come up with a formula for a crystalline batterythat can […] Read more

California Ponders Higher Renewables Standard

On Monday, the California Legislature will vote on a bill to raiseCalifornia’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, potentially requiring 33percent of electricity generated by the state’s utilities to come fromrenewable resources by 2020. State Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) proposed the bill, SB 722,which has drawn attention from stakeholders like the Sierra Club,Pacific Gas and Electric Company, […] Read more

West Virginia Ponders Solar Alternatives

West Virginia is known for its Coal Power production, and localresidents are typically used to coal as their one and only power source. Despite green trends in recent years, many West Virginians arereluctant as this is such a different way of life to embrace over coalpower. However recent events such as the gulf oil spill […] Read more

Evergreen Solar Ponders Stock Split $ESLR

I’ve been saying for awhile now that Evergreen Solar (ESLR) is a good candidate for going out of business or being bought out at fire sale prices.  Nothing has changed.  The companystill burns through cash and is months away from getting manufacturingoperations going at full speed in China.  Time is running out and thefirst step […] Read more