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26 Aug

In Focus: Honds’s Sustainabilty Initiatives

The Green Market Oracle

According to Interbrand’s 2013 Best Global Green Brands, Honda ranked third. The 2013 Honda Fit …

21 Aug

Why Solar Needs Snowden

Tipping Point Renewable Energy

So before this turns into a debate about patriot vs. traitor let’s just say that …

21 Aug

Utilities: Be Afraid of Rooftop Solar


The solar industry is booming across the U.S. and the numbers are staggering. Residential solar …

20 Aug

Fracking and Solar: It’s Complicated


Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” has been widely criticized by environmentalists who cite concerns with water …

01 Aug

Arizona’s Solar Tax: Shady or All Good?


The future of net metering in Arizona is under attack, with the state’s largest electric …

29 Jul

Oy Vey: Cost of Climate Change is $60 TRILLION?


What’s the real imperative of the migration to renewable energy and cutting back our consumption …

10 Jul

Obama’s Power Africa Initiative Announced


China has been investing heavily in Africa and not to be left behind, President Obama announced …

09 Jul

Obama Makes Renewables Pivot

California Solar Lease

Just as Obama ‘pivoted’ America’s geo-political policy towards Asia in 2011, Obama’s recent speech at Georgetown University …

03 Jul

$600M Solar Testing Facility Coming to Texas A&M


Last week Texas A&M University-Central Texas announced ambitious plans to build a $600 million solar …

30 Jun

House of Representatives Passes Hemp Amendment


Here’s a surprise – the House of Representatives, which has barely passed any legislation this …

26 Jun

Obama Wants More Solar


Yesterday, President Barack Obama (D) announced the White House’s new Climate Action Plan to curb …

24 Jun

Major Climate Announcement Coming from President Obama


President Obama has taken to Twitter to announce that he will be making a major …