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Why Conservatives Love Clean Energy

Why Conservatives Love Clean Energy

The costs of technologies like solar have dropped enormously over the past few years, making renewables efficient and reliable. More renewables means more competition in the free market, which should drive down prices even more, benefiting customers. Choice and Self-reliance Electricity is dominated by regional monopolies across the United States. Renewables give customers more choices


New York Announces “Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center”

In an interesting switch, a 113-year-old building in Albany, New York is being transformed into a “Smart Cities” hub. What once served as the city’s center for train transportation will soon house companies that are developing technologies for cities in the future. Smart city technologies include technologies that make cities safer, more efficient and resilient: smart devices and sensors, software that monitors and improves traffic flow and protects vital infrastructure (bridges,


In Focus: Honds’s Sustainabilty Initiatives

According to Interbrand’s 2013 Best Global Green Brands, Honda ranked third. The 2013 Honda Fit EV gets 118 MPGe combined (132 city and 105 highway), with a range of 82 miles. Although at present it is only available by lease, according to the EPA, it is the second most efficient electric car in the world


Why Solar Needs Snowden

So before this turns into a debate about patriot vs. traitor let’s just say that he was someone who exposed information that only a few people knew. So why does this matter for solar? Because of an economic principle called quality uncertainty. This was first publicized in a Nobel Prize winning paper called “The Market


Utilities: Be Afraid of Rooftop Solar

The solar industry is booming across the U.S. and the numbers are staggering. Residential solar installations in 2012 reached 488 megawatts — a 62 percent increase over 2011 installations. And according to GTM Research, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is now installed every four minutes in the U.S. As rooftop solar and other distributed energy resources have begun to


Fracking and Solar: It’s Complicated

Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” has been widely criticized by environmentalists who cite concerns with water pollution and methane leakage from this high-volume method of extracting natural gas. However, the burning of natural gas is undoubtedly better for the planet than the burning of coal. Some experts are now saying that—toxic chemicals and contaminated water aside—fracking


Arizona’s Solar Tax: Shady or All Good?

The future of net metering in Arizona is under attack, with the state’s largest electric utility Arizona Public Service (APS) proposing changes that undermine cost benefits for residential solar installations. Under a plan submitted in July with the Arizona Corporation Commission, the state’s public utility commission, APS proposes two options for future residential solar customers


Oy Vey: Cost of Climate Change is $60 TRILLION?

What’s the real imperative of the migration to renewable energy and cutting back our consumption of fossil fuels via efficiency and conservation?  Might you say: Climate change? We’ll, that certainly one good answer.  Of course, there are half a dozen others:  dealing with peak oil, health issues, ocean acidification, the loss of biodiversity, human hostility,


Obama’s Power Africa Initiative Announced

China has been investing heavily in Africa and not to be left behind, President Obama announced a huge new initiative,  Power Africa. The goal is to bring 10 gigawatts (GW) of electricity to sub-Saharan Africa, bringing energy to 20 million households and businesses for the first time. Over the next five years, it would double the people who


Obama Makes Renewables Pivot

Just as Obama ‘pivoted’ America’s geo-political policy towards Asia in 2011, Obama’s recent speech at Georgetown University finally laid out his long awaited plan to pivot away from fossil fuels, and towards clean renewables like solar and wind. Obama’s main target here was coal, responsible for a whopping 40% of America’s carbon emissions, which is why the


$600M Solar Testing Facility Coming to Texas A&M

Last week Texas A&M University-Central Texas announced ambitious plans to build a $600 million solar testing facility, which it said would be the largest in the world. The university is partnering with the Center for Solar Energy to develop a roughly 800-acre site. It will also include a solar farm that will power the campus.


House of Representatives Passes Hemp Amendment

Here’s a surprise – the House of Representatives, which has barely passed any legislation this year, has passed an amendment making industrial hemp farming legal. The bi-partisan amendment to the House version of the FARM Bill was passed 225-200 (the Farm bill was voted down). Sponsored by Representatives Jared Polis (D-CO), Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), colleges and universities


Major Climate Announcement Coming from President Obama

President Obama has taken to Twitter to announce that he will be making a major address on climate change this week on Tuesday, June 25. The tweet links to a short video in which the President talks about  why it is important to discuss and address climate change. “In my inaugural address, I pledged that