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In Focus: The LA Solar Incentive and FiT Programs

In Focus: The LA Solar Incentive and FiT Programs

For those of you who may not know, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has developed a Solar Incentive Program (SIP) to support solar energy in Los Angeles. This Solar Incentive Program can help you with the cost of installing a new solar system.  The Solar Feed-in Tariff Program, which allows owners of large-scale on-grid solar systems


In Focus: Arizona’s Solar Hot Water Subsidies

Free Hot Water often highlights California’s generous subsidies for solar hot water installations, but it’s not the only state committed to solar water heating. Arizona’s utilities all offer different—but valuable—solar hot water incentives for both residential and commercial installations. Of course, these are in addition to the Federal government’s 30% Investment Tax Credit. APS –


Energy Policy’s Difficult Choices

I recently wrote a post critical of radical environmentalists who take rigid positions and refuse to make the tough choices that confront us all in the real world.  In particular, I stand in disagreement with people’s unwillingness to exile the tortoises from 4613 acres (about five square miles) in the California desert that would have


Germany Loves Their Renewable Energy

Electricity rates in Germany drop by up to 40% during the hours in which solar power or wind power are active — and this is what Merit Order ranking is all about, using the cheapest available electricity source first – and then filling in the gaps with more expensive coal-fired electrical power generation. Merit Order ranking (M.O.R.) is a system


The Difference Between Solar Certificates and Certification

We receive this question a lot –  “What is the difference between solar installation certification and a solar installation certificate?” The distinction is important because there is no shortage of solar installation schools across the country – many of them excellent, many of them not. Before signing up, you want to know that you’re receiving


What Is Driving Jamaica’s Solar Growth?

In many solar hotspots around the world, policy is one of the primary drivers behind widespread renewable energy adoption.  In Germany, Ontario, Florida, and Japan, for example, politicians have successfully enacted a range of solar incentives to boost photovoltaic installations. But in Jamaica, this type of government involvement may not be necessary.  The island nation’s


Low-Income Housing Residents Going Solar

Until recently, the low-income housing community has been a tough nut for the solar industry to crack. Low-income housing developments have historically avoided going solar due to the obvious difficulties of incorporating high-cost, discretionary photovoltaic (PV) systems into affordable housing. However, a unique mix of local, utility, and federal support combined with a little financial


DOE Backs Plug and Play Solar

The U.S DOE  has pledged $5 million toward the development of plug and play photovoltaic systems that can be installed in just a day. At present, a majority of the public are hesitant about purchasing PVs owing to relatively expensive cost in terms of upfront payments and tricky installation. The Energy Department’s funding will seek


In Focus: Mitt Romney’s Energy Plan

The Romney platform is called “Believe in America: Mitt Romney’s Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth“; it also contains the candidate’s energy policy. But before Romney details his plan, he takes some swipes at the Obama administration’s energy plan: As the Obama administration wages war against oil and coal, it has been spending billions of