27 May

Rooftop Solar Ceiling Lifted in California


California raised the ceiling on the amount of rooftop solar that qualifies for net metering …

26 May

Morocco Beefs Up Solar Effort

Green Chip Stocks

As reported in Reuters, Morocco is planning on accelerating the tender processes for developing its …

24 May

Chinese Evading Solar Tariffs!

Go Green Solar

A recent decision to impose substantial anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar cell manufacturers shook the …

24 May

The DOE’s Sunshot Vision Study


The DOE‘s Sunshot Vision Study provides an in-depth assessment of the potential for solar technologies to …

23 May

U.S Solar: Worried By The Recent China Solar Tariffs


Last week’s decision by the Commerce Department to impose stiff tariffs on Chinese silicon photovoltaic …

22 May

U.S Renewable Energy Policy Discussed at WREF


Closing the World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF) last week was a panel led by former …

21 May

The Costs of Subsidizing Energy

Green Chip Stocks

Last year, the top six U.S. oil companies made $148.7 billion in profits. That works …

19 May

Why Tariffs on Chinese Solar Hurt Everyone

Green Alpha Advisors

The United States Department of Commerce yesterday, and of all things at the behest of …

18 May

New Solar Tariffs: Hurting American Jobs?

Green Chip Stocks

Well, it happened. . . Chinese solar modules are now expected to be hit with …

16 May

The California Energy Commission Invests $100M in Alternative Transportation

Green Chip Stocks

The California Energy Commission recently adopted a 2012-2013 Investment Plan Update that would pony up …

13 May

In Focus: The LA Solar Incentive and FiT Programs

Go Green Solar

For those of you who may not know, the Los Angeles Department of Water and …

11 May

In Focus: Arizona’s Solar Hot Water Subsidies

Free Hot Water Blog

Free Hot Water often highlights California’s generous subsidies for solar hot water installations, but it’s …