03 Jul

Japan’s New FiT: Great for Solar


Following the aftermath of the Fukushima disasters in March 2011 Japan announced that going forward …

20 Jun

Will Renewable Energy Subsidies Be Cut in the UK?

Green Chip Stocks

Many, including UK climate change secretary Ed Davey, were a bit unnerved due to a …

18 Jun

No Go: New UK Energy Efficiency Plan

Green Chip Stocks

Green Campaigners are extremely disappointed with the result of a recent Energy Council meeting, in …

15 Jun

Boston: Setting The Solar Bar

Solar Power Rocks

Here at SPR we see go over a lot of solar policy. It’s kind of …

14 Jun

Europe Pushes Energy Efficiency


Although the European Union is on track to meet its climate targets, there’s one area …

13 Jun

Will the Chinese Solar Tariffs Benefit India?

Green Chip Stocks

Indian consulting company Bridge to India released a statement saying that the proposed US tariffs …

11 Jun

Illinois Net Metering Update

Illinois Solar Energy Association

Last year during the veto session SB 1652, ComEd Smart Grid, passed and included language …

05 Jun

NREL Releases New Utility-Scale Solar Reports


Utility-scale solar is still something of a novelty in the renewable energy ecosystem. Large-scale deployment …

31 May

Does Mitt Romney Get Energy?

Go Green Solar

It’s time to set the record straight.  When it comes to Mitt Romney’s energy policy, …

31 May

Vermont: Taming the Solar Permitting Beast

Greentech Media

The state of Vermont might have solved the problem of solar’s ‘soft costs’ — as …

30 May

Coal’s Double Standard

No More Naked Roofs

There is a story in the New York Times that just came across the wires …

28 May

Solar: Powering 50% of Germany

Energy Refuge

Europe’s ‘economic powerhouse’ can add solar to its epithet. Germany’s solar power plants reached a …