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Does Mitt Romney Get Energy?

Does Mitt Romney Get Energy?

It’s time to set the record straight.  When it comes to Mitt Romney’s energy policy, all you’ll need to remember is “oil and gas.”  It is clear that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is dedicated to the big oil interests that are helping his campaign. Let’s get some background on Mitt Romney before we delve


Vermont: Taming the Solar Permitting Beast

The state of Vermont might have solved the problem of solar’s ‘soft costs’ — as well as provided an impetus for increased solar penetration with a re-vamped feed-in tariff. Solar pricing in the U.S. is driven by materials costs, as it is everywhere. But the states in the U.S. possess an inconsistent, time-consuming, and costly


Rooftop Solar Ceiling Lifted in California

California raised the ceiling on the amount of rooftop solar that qualifies for net metering – where utilities pay building owners for sending excess energy back to the grid. In a unanimous decision, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) lifted the maximum capacity of rooftop solar systems from the current 2400 megawatts (MW) to 5,200 MW, enough electricity to supply about 2.1 million homes.


Chinese Evading Solar Tariffs!

A recent decision to impose substantial anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar cell manufacturers shook the solar world.  The intention of these duties is to prevent unfair “dumping” of Chinese solar products in the US market, which hurts American manufacturers.  Those in opposition to these tariffs feel that they have created anxiety within trade relations and


The DOE’s Sunshot Vision Study

The DOE‘s Sunshot Vision Study provides an in-depth assessment of the potential for solar technologies to share a significant portion of electricity demand in the United States in the coming decades. Using NREL‘s Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) and Solar Deployment System (SolarDS) models, the SunShot Vision Study provides least-cost geographical deployment of solar technologies, among other


U.S Solar: Worried By The Recent China Solar Tariffs

Last week’s decision by the Commerce Department to impose stiff tariffs on Chinese silicon photovoltaic manufacturers was applauded by SolarWorld and the members of the Coalition for Solar Manufacturing (CASM). Other U.S. companies, including project developers, materials suppliers and manufacturers took a much more wary approach to the news, contending that such fees could negatively


U.S Renewable Energy Policy Discussed at WREF

Closing the World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF) last week was a panel led by former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter (D) discussing how state policies in the U.S. are leading the country’s charge for adding solar into the grid. The panel was comprised of energy policy experts from Colorado, Maryland and Washington state. Each state has


Why Tariffs on Chinese Solar Hurt Everyone

The United States Department of Commerce yesterday, and of all things at the behest of a German-owned company, SolarWorld AG, imposed extreme tariffs on China-made solar panels and modules of between 31% and 250%, making them much less affordable for U.S. consumers. Commerce took the additional extraordinary step of making the tariffs retroactive for 90


The California Energy Commission Invests $100M in Alternative Transportation

The California Energy Commission recently adopted a 2012-2013 Investment Plan Update that would pony up $100 million to bolster the use of alternative fuels and alternative energy-fueled vehicles. Here’s the breakdown of the $100 million: $20 million to aid in the development and production of biofuels from sources ranging from waste to algae. $11 million