12 Aug

STUDY: U.S Capable of 193 GW’s in Solar Installations


A new study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) finds that at this point …

12 Aug

Energy Efficiency: Is It The Real Deal?


According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), peak electric loads in the U.S. are 20,800 …

30 Jul

NREL: Solar Has Biggest Potential

Climate Progress

A recently released study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, estimates that the technical potential …

23 Jul

The Plot Thickens: China to Investigate U.S Polysilicon Trading Practices


This is what it sounds like when the other shoe drops. Last year SolarWorld Americas …

19 Jul

Rio+20: The Aftermath


Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, has come and gone. The global environmental …

18 Jul

Solar Subsidies Launched in India

Green Chip Stocks

Solar Power in India is growing rapidly despite the federal subsidy program, JNNSM not doing …

17 Jul

U.S. Carbon Tax Talk on the Rebound

The Energy Fix

It might only apply to industry emissions and nary a Republican would dare admit to …

16 Jul

PACE: Still Alive?

Greentech Media

Property assessed clean energy, or PACE, financing — paying for home solar installations, energy efficiency …

15 Jul

Morocco: 40% Renewable by 2020


Morocco currently imports 90 percent of its energy but that’s about to make a drastic …

11 Jul

Even With Renewables Push, China’s Emissions Increase

Green Chip Stocks

China’s renewable (solar & wind) manufacturing industry has generated a massive global oversupplying leading to …

10 Jul

How The DOE Thinks The U.S Will Save Energy

3000 Quads

In my last post I noted that the DOE thinks growth in energy consumption will …

03 Jul

Solar and Wind: New Federal Grid Rules

Greentech Media

Not long ago, grid operators only had to worry about coal, nuclear, natural gas and …