Japan’s New FiT: Great for Solar

Following the aftermath of the Fukushima disasters in March 2011 Japan announced that going forward it would reduce its dependence of nuclear energy. This past Sunday, July 1, it took a significant step toward that promise by unleashing its new, rich feed-in tariffs (FiT) for renewable energy, including wind, solar, and geothermal bio-based energy generation. […] Read more

Will Renewable Energy Subsidies Be Cut in the UK?

Many, including UK climate change secretary Ed Davey, were a bit unnerved due to a recent statement made by Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin to Terry Stewart, the president of the Dorset branch of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). An email between the two alluded to the fact that by 2020, […] Read more

No Go: New UK Energy Efficiency Plan

Green Campaigners are extremely disappointed with the result of a recent Energy Council meeting, in which the UK succeeded in making the EU-wide agreement on energy efficiency much more lenient than the plan originally proposed. They argue that eliminating the mandatory target efficiency while building in various exceptions and loopholes to the new plan significantly […] Read more

Boston: Setting The Solar Bar

Here at SPR we see go over a lot of solar policy. It’s kind of our job, after all. We’ve gone through a lot of states (all of them, in fact), and a whole bunch of cities, summarizing and reviewing how bright an outlook each offers for your residential solar power system and the money […] Read more

Europe Pushes Energy Efficiency

Although the European Union is on track to meet its climate targets, there’s one area where it has been falling behind – energy efficiency. The European Commission, Parliament and President agreed on a legislative proposal to fix that, which now needs approval from member states. The legislation requires greater efficiency from utilities. The original proposal […] Read more

Will the Chinese Solar Tariffs Benefit India?

Indian consulting company Bridge to India released a statement saying that the proposed US tariffs against Chinese PV solar imports could actually be an enormous help to India, allowing it to become an alternative manufacturer. Such an event would also enable Indian PV solar companies to levy similar tariffs against Chinese solar imports. The threat […] Read more

Illinois Net Metering Update

Last year during the veto session SB 1652, ComEd Smart Grid, passed and included language regarding net metering.  The new net metering language increased eligible system size from the previous 40 kW to 2 MW, but added the caveat of non-competitive customer class in order to qualify for 1:1 kilowatt-hour credit and free net meter […] Read more

NREL Releases New Utility-Scale Solar Reports

Utility-scale solar is still something of a novelty in the renewable energy ecosystem. Large-scale deployment of these multi-megawatt (MW) installations has only recently been enabled in the United States by two key pieces of federal legislation and state-level implementation of renewable energy standards. The market boomed in 2011, adding more than 760 MW of capacity […] Read more

Does Mitt Romney Get Energy?

It’s time to set the record straight.  When it comes to Mitt Romney’s energy policy, all you’ll need to remember is “oil and gas.”  It is clear that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is dedicated to the big oil interests that are helping his campaign. Let’s get some background on Mitt Romney before we delve […] Read more

Vermont: Taming the Solar Permitting Beast

The state of Vermont might have solved the problem of solar’s ‘soft costs’ — as well as provided an impetus for increased solar penetration with a re-vamped feed-in tariff. Solar pricing in the U.S. is driven by materials costs, as it is everywhere. But the states in the U.S. possess an inconsistent, time-consuming, and costly […] Read more

Coal’s Double Standard

There is a story in the New York Times that just came across the wires titled, “Even In Coal Country, The Fight For An Industry.” But now, coal is in a corner. Across the United States, the industry is under siege, threatened by new regulations from Washington. So when the operator of the Big Sandy plant […] Read more

Solar: Powering 50% of Germany

Europe’s ‘economic powerhouse’ can add solar to its epithet. Germany’s solar power plants reached a generation milestone of 22 GW of electricity per hours. That is the same as 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity. According to a Reuters report, that amount of electricity fed into the national grid on Saturday (May 26) met […] Read more

Rooftop Solar Ceiling Lifted in California

California raised the ceiling on the amount of rooftop solar that qualifies for net metering – where utilities pay building owners for sending excess energy back to the grid. In a unanimous decision, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) lifted the maximum capacity of rooftop solar systems from the current 2400 megawatts (MW) to 5,200 MW, enough electricity to supply about 2.1 million homes. […] Read more

Morocco Beefs Up Solar Effort

As reported in Reuters, Morocco is planning on accelerating the tender processes for developing its 2,000 MW solar energy plan, beginning with awarding a contract for 160 MW using concentrated solar technology. According to the chair of the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy Mustafa Bakkoury, a winning consortium will be announced by the start of […] Read more