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How Many Electric Vehicles Live Near You?

Last week, published a list of states that had the highest and lowest percentage of electric car registrations. Take a look. . . I can’t say I’m necessarily surprised. Of the top ten, you have four states (California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington), plus the District of Columbia – all strongholds for liberal types who […] Read more

The Greenest Cars of 2014

It’s a new year, and that means new cars—both brand new models and new variants of older models. Whether you pay attention to the CES and auto shows or not, knowing what the greenest cars being released this year can be beneficial. So without any further ado, here are five of the greenest cars coming […] Read more

Electric Cars: $1 Gallon of Gas

Remember the days when a gallon of gas cost $1 or less? While those days are gone for cars that run on petroleum, people that drive electric cars are enjoying the good ‘ole days. The national average for an eGallon is $1.14 – the amount of electricity that equals a gallon of gas in terms […] Read more

Tesla Takes Supercharger Network Transcontinental

Tesla Motors announced yesterday a significant expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network—a network of 480-volt fast charging stations developed to allow the Model S sedans to make long distance trips. The rapid-charging station provides almost 100 kW of power, giving the 85 kWh version of the Model S an additional 150 mi (240 km) of […] Read more

Will Plug in Home Solar Become A Reality Soon?

One of the most common reasons people are hesitant to make the switch to solar energy stems from the fact that outfitting a house with solar panels can be an involved and potentially expensive process. Many people, therefore, have a desire for solar technology, but essentially they “stop before they start.” In an attempt to […] Read more

A Plug-in Hybrid from Ford that Can Read Your Mind?

In the future, your plug-in hybrid may be able to read your mind — and save you gas in the process. Ford, which has been at the forefront among auto makers when it comes to integrating software applications into cars, is experimenting with an application that aims to leverage data amassed about your driving habits […] Read more