07 Dec

Pure-Play Utility PV Developers: How to Compete in the U.S. Market?

Greentech Media

It’s no revelation that First Solar and SunPower dominate the utility PV market in the …

04 Nov

Texas could be USA’s next big renewable energy play

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Shelby Ruff, regional director of Business Development, Solar Community, San Antonio is among more than …

31 Aug

Plug and Play Solar/Wind From Clarian Technologies

Energy Boom

Clarian Technologies, the Seattle-based clean energy startup led by Chad Maglaque, aims to bring affordable …

14 Jul

Play With Our Solar Cost Calculator!

Hey. I’m Annie, GetSolar’s summer intern. As one would hope for anintern here, I like …

27 May

7 Solar Inventions That Will Change How You Play

Cooler Planet

Small solar panel toys aren’t just for geeks with calculators andcalculator watches anymore. With the …

01 Mar

Arizona’s Great Power Play: Plan B

The Phoenix Sun

As I wrote here recently,the hasty demise of anti-solar House Bill 2701 raised more questionsthan …

25 Sep

Immelt: Government has to play a ‘key role’ in clean energy investments

Climate Progress

This is a Wonk Room repost.  WR has been reporting from the Clinton Global Initiative …