02 Dec

Solarmer Notes NREL-Certified 7.9% Plastic Panel Efficiency

Solar Industry

Solarmer Energy Inc. says its plastic solar panels have achieved an efficiency of 7.9%, as …

22 Sep

Konarka Announces Power Plastic 20 Series

Energy Boom

Your new carrying bag might able to charge your cell phone and you iPod, as …

13 Aug

Plastic as a Solar Converter

Energy Boom

Most of us think of plastic as being the antithesis of renewable.And with good reason. …

29 Jun

The Plastic Plan – Using trashed plastic bottles for clean energy generation


Ifyou summarize the problems environment faces today, the end resultwould be two main issues – …

26 Apr

Plastic solar cells = lower cost per watt

Go Green Solar

Organicsolar cells are translucent, flexible, lightweight and cost less tomanufacturer compared to silicon based solar …