03 Aug

Dubai solar polysilicon plant to complement UAE’s existing solar activities

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

MBM Holdings has announced the formation of MBM Solar Holding Inc.,which will build a 2500MT/a …

24 Jul

Exelon Builds Chicago’s Largest Solar Plant


Illinois-based Exelon Power has unveiled the nation’s largest urban solar power plant in Chicago.The project, …

20 Jul

Enel Using Molten Salt in Solar Thermal Plant

Greentech Media

Enel has inaugurated a solar thermal plant in Italythat could inch up the efficiency and …

20 Jul

TSMC Starts Construction on New Eco-friendly Wafer Plant


Taiwanese chip maker TSMC has recentlystarted up on its newest project, a green one that …

16 Jul

Suffolk’s Clean Energy Power Plant to Energize 30,000 Homes


Despite many efforts of residents and manufacturers to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, there is …

14 Jul

Egypt plans 100MW Solar Plant


Aiming to generate about 20 percent of energy requirements fromrenewable sources by 2020, the Egyptian …

12 Jul

India’s Largest PV Plant Planned by Tata


India’s National Solar Mission, which aims to install about 20GW ofsolar power by 2020, has …

06 Jul

ET Solar Completes 1.9 MW PV Power Plant

Solar Industry

ET Solar Group Corp., a Nanjing,China-based based PV system turnkey provider and integrated manufacturer of …

02 Jul

Sharp supplies thin-film solar cells for solar power generation plant in Thailand

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Sharp Corp. has signed an agreement with NED to establish one of theworld’s largest solar …

01 Jul

Xcel Tests Hybrid Solar/Coal Power Plant in Colorado


Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy has started anexperimental power plant in Colorado, which uses both solar power …

27 Jun

KPCL Installs India’s Largest PV Power Plant


The Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL) has installed India’s largestsolar photovoltaic power plant at Yalesandra …

23 Jun

Tioga, SunDurance Begin Construction On New Jersey PV Plant

Solar Industry

The Morris County Improvement Authority (MCIA) of New Jersey, along withsolar energy provider Tioga Energy …