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Large CPV System Planned For Saudi Arabia

Large CPV System Planned For Saudi Arabia

SolFocus, a developer of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar systems, says that Vision Electro Mechanical Co., a subsidiary of Construction Products Holding Co. (CPC), will build what it says is the first commercial CPV power plant in Saudi Arabia. The project, located in the Bahra region of the country, will deliveraround 300 MWh of energy per

UNI-SOLAR PowerTilt PV System Planned For Ontario $ENER

United Solar, a global manufacturer of building rooftop photovoltaics underits UNI-SOLAR brand and a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy ConversionDevices, has signed a deal to install its newly releasedPowerTilt solar roof system at the Daimler Truck and Bus North Americabus factory in Mississauga, Ontario. This 435 kW projectrepresents UNI-SOLAR’s first PowerTilt installation in North America.The

India’s Largest PV Plant Planned by Tata

India’s National Solar Mission, which aims to install about 20GW ofsolar power by 2020, has attracted several private andgovernment-controlled companies to develop renewable energy-based powerplants in the country. Tata Power, a subsidiary of theTata Group, is planning to set-up the country’s largest photovoltaicpower plant in Mithapur, Gujarat. The power plant will be able to generate


$8 billion Solar Complex Planned in Algeria

Algeria’s largest private company Cevital is planning to build an $8 billion solar power complex to export renewable electricity to Europe.The plant will be able to generate about 2000MW of power, which issimilar to what a mid-sized nuclear power station in the U.S. produces.The company is now seeking foreign investors to help fund the project.

PV Array Planned for San Diego Area

A major photovoltaic installation is expected to come onlinein several years near San Diego, bringing clean power to thousands ofthe region’s residents in the process. According to San DiegoGas & Electric (SDG&E), it has signed a 20-year power purchaseagreement with a subsidiary of LS Power that will involve as much as 130 megawatts of solar

California Solar Rebates Decreasing As Planned

The California Solar Initiative manages solar incentives for thestate’s three investor-owned utilities: Pacific Gas and Electric(PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas andElectric (SDG&E). PG&E and SDG&E just met their last CSIgoals for residential solar capacity and have scaled their rebates backaccordingly, from the previous $1.10/w to the current $0.65/w. If you’re not


Replacing Planned Coal Plants With Solar Farms: What If?

What if we replaced all the coal power plants scheduled to come off-line dueto new EPA emissionsrules over the next five years with solar farms? This would dramatically position solar as a solid new generation resource by 2015. It’s notthat far-fetched and here’s how this scenario could unfold. Consider: According to a recently published Bernstein

Solar Bullet Train Planned for Arizona

Solar energy is increasingly being used to power day to day things.However, a train running on solar energy was too much to think about,up until now. However, an idea initiated under the SolarBullet Campaignaims to make a solar bullet train available between Tucson and Phoenix,Arizona. This zero emission means of travel will drastically reduce thecommute


Schwarzenegger Announces 244 RE Projects Planned For California

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif., has announced the first comprehensive list of 244 proposed renewable energy projects that could produce up to almost 70,000 MW of clean energy annually, building on California’s aggressive renewable energy goals. Theseproposed projects throughout the state include solar, wind, geothermal,biomass and small hydro facilities, and will help move Californiatoward achieving the