The Plastic Plan – Using trashed plastic bottles for clean energy generation

Ifyou summarize the problems environment faces today, the end resultwould be two main issues – the increase in landfill waste, which mainlyconsists of trashed plastic bottles, and the reduction in energy supplyto fuel our hi-tech living. Industrial designer Chris Allen has come upwith an ingenious solution to both the problems in a project he calls […] Read more

Al Gore: “There is no backup plan”

Nobelist Al Gore just posted this message on his website: A Historic Opportunity June 26, 2009: Today is an historic opportunity to pass truly meaningfullegislation to limit global warming pollution, vastly expand our use ofrenewable energy, and use energy far more efficiently. A victory todayin the House of Representatives on the American Clean Energy andSecurity […] Read more

India readying ‘world’s most ambitious’ solar strategy

India is putting the finishing touches on what could become the world’s most sweeping ambitions for solar energy, in a move that could catapult the developing world to the forefront of the global renewables industry.The plan, to be called India’s ‘National Solar Mission’, has not yet been officially announced, but was leaked to prominent environmental […] Read more

When Will Obama Step Up for Solar?

Now this is awesome news. “U.S. President Barack Obama signedsweeping land and water conservation rules into law on Monday, settingaside millions of acres as protected areas and delightingenvironmentalists.” Sure the environmentalists are happy about the measure, a package ofmore than 160 bills, would designate about 2 million acres — parks,rivers, streams, desert, forest and trails […] Read more