FUTUREWATCH: The ‘Kidgtic’ Energy Producing Playground

We have toyed with this idea of playgrounds for kids with various installations that produce clean energy. But some of the previous models that have explored this option and even our own thinking has been inclined towards the use of piezoelectric plates and surfaces that use them to turn all that energy from hyper-active and […] Read more

How Close to Reality is Piezoelectric Energy?

Piezoelectric generators are electricity generation device based on piezoelectric effect. The piezoelectric current is generated when a mechanical force applied on a body is converted to electric potential. In simple words, it means that whenever a piezoelectric material is deformed it generates electric current that can be harnessed by the means of capacitors and electrical […] Read more

PV Piezoelectric Fiber for Electronic Devices

Research scientists at the University of Bolton have developed a new piezoelectric-photovoltaic fiber that can be woven into various gadgets to power them using motion and light. Thescientists already created a flexible piezoelectric fiber that canharness motion, but now they have added a photovoltaic fiber that wouldmake the material a solar energy source as well. […] Read more

Shoes That Generate Renewable Energy Using Piezoelectric Materials

Dr. Ville Kaajakari, assistant professor of electrical engineeringat Louisiana Tech University, is developing a technology that will allow users to generate energy with a generator embedded in the sole of ashoe. The technology is based on the use of circuits that convertpiezoelectric charge into usable electricity. The electricity generated by the system can be used […] Read more