Activity Picking Up in CIGS Industry

These are interesting times for the CIGS solarcommunity. Here’s a very brief recap of the last few months: Stion just unstealthed as a CIGS startup — with abit of a twist.  President Obama will be visiting Solyndra this week, presumably tocheck on his half-billion dollar investment in the firm.  Solyndracontinues to win large rooftop installations […] Read more

Florida PV Market Picking Up Steam

Asingle event doesn’t equal a trend, but the recent approval by Floridaregulators of a solar PV deal in Tampa – in combination with otherfactors at work in the Sunshine State – suggests an improvingenvironment for developers there. The Florida Public Service Commission on Dec. 15 voted 4–1 to letTampa Electric Co. recover from its customers […] Read more

Solar Demand In Germany Picking Up

Germanyinstalled enough solar over the past year to warrant a 9 percent to 11percent drop in solar power pricing in 2010. An anticipated change inpolicy may create a boom for the market for the first half of nextyear, an analyst said Friday. The country,which is expected to be the largest market in 2009, sawabout 2.34 […] Read more