26 Mar

Solar PV in Latin America

The Solarserver

With the slowdown in growth and contraction in European PV markets in 2012 and 2013, …

24 Mar

Solar: 100GW by 2018


In 2018 the annual deployment of photovoltaics is anticipated to grow to 100 gigawatts a …

10 Mar

U.S. Solar Market Grows 41% in 2013

The Daily Fusion

Continuing its explosive growth, the U.S. solar market had a record-shattering year in 2013. According …

26 Feb

In Focus: The US-China Solar Trade Dispute

Go Green Solar

In case you missed it, the International Trade Commission (ITC) has agreed to consider adding …

25 Feb

In Focus: Solar PV in China

The Solarserver

In 2013 approximately 1/3 of the global solar PV installations were realized in China. The …

20 Feb

Utilities Killed Arizona’s Solar Industry


Arizona was one among just a couple of states in the country that lost solar …

20 Feb

Energy Storage Technology Testing Ground in Hawaii


Hawaii wants to be a test bed for new energy storage technologies and is inviting …

18 Feb

From Seaweed to Solar

2050 Magazine

After years of using platinum, scientists suggest they could one day use extracts from marine …

12 Feb

FreeGreenius: An App for Finding Renewable Energy Locations

The Daily Fusion

The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) has released a free …

05 Feb

Top 5 Famous Solar Sites


Some of the most recognizable locations in the world are now becoming world famous solar …

07 Jan

Surface Area Needed to Solar Power the World

Go Green Solar

How much surface area would be needed to power the whole world with solar panels? 496,805 …

07 Jan

In Focus: Solar Powered Factories


You probably have read or heard how industrialization has damaged our environment. The factories around …