18 Feb

Pomegranate-Shaped Electrodes Juicing Up Batteries

The Daily Fusion

An electrode designed like a pomegranate — with silicon nanoparticles clustered like seeds in a …

15 Jan

Micro Windmill Recharges Phone Batteries

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A UT Arlington research associate and electrical engineering professor have designed a micro-windmill that generates …

02 Oct

Smart Building Industry: Ready to Launch


With the introduction of “smart grid” technology, much of the attention has been focused on …

30 Jun

Calling All Nerds: Top 5 Eco Laptop Cases


If you are a nature lover and wish to work toward environment protection in all …

13 Feb

Did You Know? Smartphones Reduce Energy Usage

The Green Market Oracle

Smartphones are an increasingly ubiquitous aspect of modern life and research shows that they are …

03 Nov

Going Solar? There’s an App for That


Most of us like the idea of saving money on electricity by using solar energy, …

20 Sep

Only in China: The Umet Wooden Electric Car


One of the world’s first all-wooden cars has made its debut at the China Eurasia …

03 Jul

The 8 Best Energy Monitoring Apps


It is plainly obvious that, in order to begin to cut back on your energy …

16 May

In Focus: Solar Phones in Kenya


Alago Alba, living in a marginalized village in the North Eastern region of Kenya, provided …

30 Apr

The SmartTalk Solar Hands-Free Bluetooth Speakerphone


If you chat while you drive, then a good way to do it is by …

05 Apr

Micromax to Launch Solar Panel Phone


Micromax may not enjoy global popularity, but in India, it has enjoyed the status of …

30 Aug

9 of the Coolest Solar Cell Phone Concepts


An electrical device which directly converts the light energy into electricity through the photovoltaic effect …