20 Aug

Suntech’s Pluto Technology Reaches 15.6% Efficiency (STP)

Greentech Media

Suntech Powersaid Wednesday it now holds the world record in producing the mostefficiency multicrystalline silicon …

17 Aug

Absence of turnaround in PV market impacts ersol’s earnings in H1-09

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

ersol Solar Energy AG (ersol), a company of the Bosch Group, increasedits consolidated revenue to …

14 Aug

Harvard University Looks to Solar Energy

Cooler Planet

In 2001, Harvard University bought the Watertown office complex, a750,000-square-foot property, for $162,641,000. Formerly known …

12 Aug

Solar Stock Comparative Market Review

The Green Market Oracle

TheGreen Market’s solar stock picks are outperforming the major marketindices. Despite Wall Street’s one percent …

12 Aug

Previously committed capacity expansions cause solar cell manufacturing oversupply!

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

According to DisplaySearch’s Q3’09 Quarterly PV Cell Capacity Database & Trends Report,solar cell manufacturing capacity …

05 Aug

NuvoSun Hits 11.8 Efficiency With CIGS

Greentech Media

When NuvoSun needs factory equipment, it goes to eBay. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup – …

31 Jul

Solar Power: Our Smallest Source of Power

Greentech Media

Althoughthe overall growth in capacity for solar and wind are growing fasterthan the capacity for …

31 Jul

US, Chinese, and Taiwanese solar-cell makers gain ground

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

USA: Japan’s suppliers of solar photovoltaic cells and panels, whichdominated the industry for many years, …

20 Jul

Thin-Film Spec Truthiness

Greentech Media

The two big suppliers of equipment for amorphous silicon-basedphotovoltaic production, Oerlikon and Applied Materials, were …

14 Jul

Solar Power and State Renewables Standards

A number of U.S. states require electricity providers to derive aminimum percentage of their power …

14 Jul

Will Obama make the U.S. another Brazil: part I

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Brazil has demonstrated a serious commitment to building a Green economythrough its investment in alternative …

09 Jul

CEO Switch At SoloPower

Greentech Media

One of SoloPower’s VCs stepsin as CEO and a star researcher returns to NREL. Volume …