09 Dec

President Obama Doubles Down on Renewables

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Last Friday,  President Obama took an important step toward supporting a clean energy future by directing the …

27 Oct

New Energy Patents Increase

The Daily Fusion

A recent study by MIT and Santa Fe Institute (SFI) researchers found a “dramatic growth …

24 Oct

Thin Film Takes Solar Efficiency Crown


German researchers have broken the record for thin-film PV efficiency, achieving 20.8%. This milestone is especially important because it …

04 Sep

Sunrun Teams Up with Nest on Energy Efficient Homes

Cooler Planet

You’ve installed solar on your roof — now how do you make the most of …

25 Aug

Solar 2.0: Natural Materials + Synthetic Materials

The Daily Fusion

A ring of protein and pigments, half synthetic and half natural, can be used to …

24 Jul

California Utility Renewables: 20.6% in 2011

Greentech Media

The newest numbers show that California’s three investor-owned utilities (IOUs) were at 20.6 percent renewables …

07 Sep

Sulfurcell unveils 0.8M² prototype with TÜV-tested efficiency of 10.7 percent

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

At this year’s EU PVSEC, Sulfurcell Solartechnik GmbH will be unveilingthe prototypes for its new …

19 Aug

Solar cell production capacity reaching 51 percent at year end as sales double

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

A massive increase in solar production with anticipated sales increasing more than 100 percent in …

06 Jul

Renewable energy to power 4.5 percent of mobile base stations by 2014

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

As an ever increasing number of people around the world become connected by mobile communications …

28 May

Global Solar PV Demand to Grow by 58 Percent in 2010

Greentech Media

The global solar PV market ispoised to have a banner year, according to the recently …

19 May

Solar energy market will grow 43 percent YoY in 2010, but oversupply is likely

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

The solar energy industry experienced the proverbial “perfect storm” ofmarket-changing events in 2009 that redefined …

15 Apr

Customers Can Cut Energy Demand 20 Percent with Applied $AMAT

Cleantech, Applied

a) Vacuum pumpenergy savings; b) Abatement energy savings. Applied Materials technologists are featured in the …