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The Solar Spiral Garden Pavilion from Michael Jantzen

The Solar Spiral Garden Pavilion from Michael Jantzen

The Spiral Garden Pavilion is designed to function as an interactive personal retreat space, made of sustainably  grown wood. Four large curved slotted panels can be moved around a center support frame into many different configurations. The interior space can be completely opened, closed, and/or set at many variations in-between. A large disc shaped solar

Solar Eco-Wine Pavilion by Michael Jantzen

The Eco-Wine Pavilion by eco-minded designer and architect Michael Jantzenis a structure envisioned for use in a temperate climate at a wineryand functions as a wine tasting center or provides space for specialevents. The pavilion is a design proposal that explores ways tointegrate alternative energy gathering and storage systems intocommercial architecture in a new and


Monaco Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo

Naco Architectureshave unveiled the designs of the Monaco Pavilion that is underconstruction for the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The building expressesthe identity of the client and combines hard construction with softmedia creations. The unique buildingwill be wrapped in sea waves, where water will be pumped ontohorizontal troughs of water under each layer of the building.


MVRDV’s Solar Powered Water Cube Pavilion

MVRDVhas unveiled the design of “The Water Cube Pavilion” for the World Expo2012 to be held in Yeosu, Korea. Designed under the theme of “TheLiving Ocean and Coast”, the Water Cube Pavilion will focus on thepower and beauty of oceans by making a pure visible block of water thatseems to be extracted from the ocean.

Used CD cases recycled to erect Solar Shanghai Pavilion

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu is the brain behind the Shanghai CorporatePavilion but what was more impressing were the thousands of plastictubes that were made entirely from CD cases. These polycarbonate tubescan be recycled again at the end of the buildings life. How manybuildings do we know about where the raw materials used can be usedagain! Energy


Shanghai Pavilion aspires to mesmerize visitors with green technology

Eco Factor: Sustainable pavilion designed for the Shanghai World Expo 2010 harvests solar energy and rainwater. The Shanghai World Expo 2010has a reputation of being a window to the future and designers areleaving no stone unturned to develop hi-tech pavilions that mostly usegreen technologies that the world is in need of today. Atelier Feichang Jianzhuhas


Sustainable French Pavilion design for Shanghai Expo 2010

Jacques Ferrier Architects have unveiled their design of the French Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010.The plan needed to be green and the architects have done a wonderfulwork in achieving the desired. The 6000 square meter pavilion, dubbedThe Sensual City, will be surrounded by water to make it appear as ifit’s floating. Thecomplex will be


Pavilion by Michael Jantzen Harvests Solar Energy

Michael Jantzen’sexperimental designs have always been marked as the perfect blend ofstunning architecture and ecological sustainability. Theenvironmentally conscious designer has thrilled us every now and thenwith great designs that could revolutionize the skyline of any place onthe planet. Michael’s latest design is known as the Sun Rays Pavilion,which boasts the use of solar panels to