26 Mar

Who Owns All the Smart Grid Patents?

Green Patent Blog

Ever wonder who owns all the smart grid patents?  With all of the acquisitions in …

27 Oct

New Energy Patents Increase

The Daily Fusion

A recent study by MIT and Santa Fe Institute (SFI) researchers found a “dramatic growth …

18 Feb

New Apple Patent = Solar + Touch


The idea of charging a smartphone with solar energy isn’t new, but Apple plans to take …

12 Feb

Apple’s Solar Touchscreen Patent Revealed


In what was called a ‘shocker’ by Patently Apple, a blog—not surprisingly—dedicated to Apple’s patents, …

06 Feb

The Solar Powered iPhone: Coming Soon?

No More Naked Roofs

Forbes just posted an article about a patent Apple was granted yesterday that paves the …

12 Jan

In Focus: Apple’s Wind Turbine Patent


In a rare move for Apple, the company filed for a patent for a wind turbine, in …

15 Nov

A Proposal for a Global Green Patent Highway

Green Patent Blog

In a number of previous posts (e.g., here, here, here and here), I and others have …

05 Aug

Natcore: Racking Up NREL Black Silicon Patents


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has expanded the license it gave New Jersey-based Natcore Technology …

13 Jun

Zep Solar and Westinghouse Settle Litigation

Green Patent Blog

Previous posts (here, here and here) discussed the patent litigation between Zep Solar and Westinghouse …

05 Jun

eSolar eNforces eCo-mark

Green Patent Blog

eSolar is a Burbank, California, solar thermal company that makes solar power plants using flat mirrors, or …

29 Apr

Green Technology Intellectual Property Summit 2012 Lands in Chicago

Green Patent Blog

The American Conference Institute will hold a Green Technology Intellectual Property Summit in Chicago this summer. Scheduled …

19 Apr

Ferrari’s New Hybrid Technology


Ferrari has filed a patent for hybrid technology, which will use a pair of electric …