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Green School Buildings Health and Performance Benefits Part 2

Green schools are designed to use water efficiently, provide clean air and be well insulated. Green buildings are designed to remain dry, comfortable and quiet. Many green schools have visible features like morewindows to let in natural light, but green schools also have lessvisible features like effective insulation that reduces condensation. By managing excessive moisture

Green School Buildings Health and Performance Benefits Part 1

Whether new or retrofits, green schools are on the increase. Green schoolsprovide a number of advantages. They reduce the environmental footprint, while improving health and learning. Through things like goodventilation and reduced noise, green buildings are able to improve testscores while reducing absenteeism, asthma and allergies. A reporttitled, "Review and Assessment of the Health and

Green Marketing or Green Washing, Part II

This post was written by Jessica Manganello, connect with her @mangojess BOSTON – We left off last month at Enforcement in part 1 of ‘Green Marketing or Green Washing?’.  The best part!  So if the green guides when applied can be prettystringent and since we can probably agree that most companies, whetheror not unwittingly, violate


Milestone: 10 Gigawatts of PV in 2010 (Part 1)

GreentechMedia has written a nice feature about the upcoming autumn milestone of10 gigawatts of solar installed in 2010. They asked me and a handful ofmy fellow solar industry comrades to reflect on the event. Here are mycomments from Part 1, and you can see the full article here. When we started in 1998, 10 gigawatts


The IEA’s Global Solar Roadmap Part 1 – PV

Highlighting plenty of good news for solar on a global scale, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released a photovoltaic solarroadmap [pdf] at the Meditteranean Solar Plan conference in Valencia, Spain. High on the IEA’s agenda: the great potential for global solar toreduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, citing some big numbers. "The combination of solar photovoltaics

Making Solar Panels Part of the Roof

Recently, building products company CertainTeed unveiled a new photovoltaic roofing panel, EnerGen, for residential applications. The EnerGen system features integrated Uni-Solar thin-filmphotovoltaic laminates that seamlessly integrate with traditionalasphalt roofing shingles and provide utility savings for homeowners.The lightweight and flexible design requires no rooftop penetrations,making the system easier for conventional roofing contractors toinstall while maintaining roof

California Solar Series:LA, Part II

In this post, we’re reviewing the solar incentives offered by themunicipal utilities of Vernon, Azusa, Pasadena, Glendale and Burbank.Check out Part One of our LA coverage for details of SCE and LADWP solar rebates and for a review of terms. In order to participate in most rebate programs, the process is usually as follows: find

DIY Solar Part 6: Planning the System Install

Ok, we’ve got solar panels,we’ve got tools, now we’re ready to start putting them up! Woohoo! Wellhold on there partner, the better we plan this out the smoother theinstall will be. So let’s take a minute and a piece of paper to figureout how we’re going to do this. Simple Roof DiagramMostbuilding departments will require

Road to Copenhagen, Part 6: Tragedy of the commons vs. action by the uncommon

Members ofCongress are the custodians of a sacred trust: to protect the vitalityand integrity of the extraordinary experiment the Founders began.  Forexample, the debate about climate change isn’t just about polar bearsand energy prices. It’s about whether a free people will be aresponsible people, a capitalist economy will be a caring economy and ademocracy will

Road to Copenhagen, Part 4: A New Social Contract

As we approach the climate conference in Copenhagen, politicians arebalking and diplomats are burning the midnight oil, deprived of sleep.But we can take heart. Some unlikely new heroes may come to the rescue. One prospective hero is The Citizen-Consumer.  Consumers are not thefirst group that pops to my mind when I think about environmentalleadership. Unbridled