14 Apr

How Renewable is Solar PV?


There are many reasons why solar PV attracts so much attention. The biggest of all …

13 Apr

University in Tokyo Unveils Solar Panel Covered Building


Whenever we talk about solar installations on buildings, the first picture that comes to mind …

29 Mar

Fraud in the Solar Industry

The US Solar Institute

While it may be impossible to get ransom for rays of sunshine, fraud is becoming …

27 Mar

What Will Solar Panels Look Like in the Future?

Green Chip Stocks

Researchers at MIT have recently concluded that solar panels, to optimize light intake, should be …

21 Mar

In Focus: Subsidized Solar Panels

Green Chip Stocks

This afternoon, after months of annoying legalese and empty rhetoric, it was announced that the …

13 Mar

How Much Value Does Solar Add to your Home?

I’ve always been skeptical about the claim that a home solar system adds significantly to …

01 Mar

Suntech Recalls SolarBlend Roofing Tiles

Founder's Blog

Suntech America, in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has entered into a voluntary …

28 Feb

Jigar Shah Discusses Chinese Solar Panel Tariffs

The Energy Fix

Jigar Shah co-founded SunEdison in 2003 and scaled it up to become the largest U.S.-based …

23 Feb

In Focus: PV Panel Innovation


Although the benefits of solar power are well documented, the essential technology that underpins solar …

21 Feb

Chemelic’s RepelSmart Spray: Keeping Dust off Solar Panels


Twenty years ago, a new product that prevented dust from gathering on glass surfaces would …

13 Feb

Alta Devices Achieves 23.5% Solar Panel Efficiency

Energy Boom

For the second time in as many months, a solar manufacturer is announcing record conversion …

08 Feb

Will Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels Hurt Future Projects?


With the looming threat of tariffs on solar panels imported from China, a lot of …