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A Guide to Solar Panel Technologies

A Guide to Solar Panel Technologies

Solar panels, mounting hardware, inverter, wiring and conduit,specialized meters: these are the components of all photovoltaic (PV)systems. But it’s the solar panels themselves that not only make up thebulk of your solar quote, but whose technology, costs, and applicationsare the most hotly contested. People ask me all the time what thedifferences are among panels–here’s a

Deutsche Bank Completes 1,066 Panel Solar Array

Deutsche Bank, a leading global investment firm, recently finishedinstalling a 250-kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system at itsPiscataway, NJ, office as part of its commitment to be carbon neutralby 2012. The roof-mounted solar array consists of 1,066 solar panelsgenerating about 270,000 kilowatt-hours per year of electricity. Thisis reportedly enough to provide all the electricity the facility

Shell Accused of Ditching Panel Warranties in Developing World

Shell has become entangled in a disagreement with the World Bankover allegations that the Anglo-Dutch oil company is refusing to honorwarranties on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems sold to customers in thedeveloping world. At issue are faulty PV panels, which Shell sold in Sri Lanka andelsewhere through its rural electrification business. According to theWorld Bank’s estimates,

Enel Green Power, Sharp and ST sign agreement for Italy’s largest PV-panel manufacturing plant

Enel Green Power, Sharp and STMicroelectronics today signed anagreement for the manufacture of triple-junction thin-film photovoltaicpanels in Italy. At the same time, Enel Green Power and Sharp signed afurther agreement to jointly develop solar farms. The agreementregarding the photovoltaic panel factory follows the Memorandum ofUnderstanding signed in May 2008 by Enel Green Power and Sharp.STMicroelectronics

Evolution Solar receives solar panel purchase order

Evolution Solar Corp. announced that the Company has received apurchase order from an international customer for 8.5MW of monocrystalline solar panels. The purchase order resulted fromintroductions made by Beacon, Ltd. a Bermuda based consulting firmrecently engaged by the Company to assist with the introduction of itsrenewable energy solutions to the Bermuda market. The Company expects


Solar Panel, Polysilicon Glut May Ease In 2010

Just as solar panel producers had ramped up production to meet thecoming growth in demand for solar energy, the 2008 recession hit,causing demand to plummet and producers to cut back on production. Dozens of companies had entered the solar panel market prior to thefinancial collapse, flooding the market with product in preparation forthe coming solar


Battle of the Solar Panel Brands

Haveyou ever hear of Battle of the Bands? It’s contest in which many bands,usually rock bands but often from a range of different styles, competefor the title of "best band". The winner is determined by judges, theresponse of the audience, or a combination. The winning band usuallyreceives a prize in addition to bragging rights. These


Accidental Discovery Could Better Solar Panel Efficiency

While attempting to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, researchers at Tel Aviv Universityhave accidentally discovered a new nano-material that can repel dustand water and could give rise to self-cleaning skyscraper windows andhighly efficient solar panels. Using a variety ofpeptides, the researcher found a novel way to control atoms andmolecules of peptides so that they

A Solar Panel That Washes Itself

It’s cleaning up space junk, and is giving us lab-on-chip biofilters for detecting contamination.Now nanotechnology has produced a coating for windows or solar panelsthat repels grime and dirt. Expanded battery storage capacities for thenext electric car could be within reach too. New Tel Aviv University research, just published in Nature Nanotechnology,details a breakthrough in assembling

Canadian Solar to build solar panel manufacturing facility in Ontario

Canadian Solar Inc., a leading vertically integrated provider of solarcells, solar module, custom-designed solar application products andturnkey solutions for the residential, commercial and solar farmmarkets, announced that it is commencing the site selection andapprovals process to establish a 200 megawatt (MW) module manufacturingfacility in Ontario. Canadian Solar has recently submitted asignificant number of FIT applications

Solarmer Notes NREL-Certified 7.9% Plastic Panel Efficiency

Solarmer Energy Inc. says its plastic solar panels have achieved an efficiency of 7.9%, as confirmed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). "Thisachievement firmly establishes Solarmer’s leadership in the OPVindustry," says Woolas Hsieh, founder and president of Solarmer. "Ourefforts in R&D have now put us in a great position to launch acompetitive product based

HelioSphera To Build $500 Million Solar Panel in Philadelphia

HelioSphera plans to spend $500 million to build a solar panel factory in Philadelphia. The city is offering to help offset the cost. The private Greek company will start building the 500,000-squarefoot factory in the Navy Yard next year, and expects to start operatingit in 2011, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer. Philadelphia is offering $49 million

3D Solar Panel Prototype: 25% More Power

I just completed a major goal of the year: to have a prototype 3D Solar panel testedby an independent testing laboratory. As long time readers know, thepatent pending 3D solar panel design incorporates reflectors and simplegeometry to generate more power per cell. I selected TUV-PTL inTempe AZ to perform the prototype testing–they were very responsiveand

Solar Panel Glut Peaks in Mid-2009

Although the global solar panel market remains in an acute state ofoversupply, the inventory glut plaguing the industry has begun to abatesomewhat due to surprisingly strong demand from Germany, according toiSuppli Corp. “Solar-panel installations in Germany begansurging to record levels in July as prices for Photovoltaic (PV)systems plunged,” said Dr. Henning Wicht, senior director ofphotovoltaics