Can Solar Hit 49 GW in 2014?

It’s close to the end of the year and while children are waiting to hear the sound of reindeer on rooftops, businesspeople are looking forward to 2014. Among them the solar industry, which is hoping to put the sound of boots on rooftops rather than hooves, and it’s anticipating continued growth into the new year […] Read more

Why Solar is Beating Wind

Renewable energy helps sustain energy in a way that is protective of the environment. However, the renewable energy market is equally just as important to the stability of the financial market. Specifically, solar energy has made a rapid expansion on our planet during the past decade. Recently, the renewable source of energy surpassed the growth […] Read more

Solar energy market will grow 43 percent YoY in 2010, but oversupply is likely

The solar energy industry experienced the proverbial “perfect storm” ofmarket-changing events in 2009 that redefined the rules of the game andtherefore altered the competitive landscape as well. Starting inlate 2008, the solar market shifted from supply-constricted todemand-driven within a few quarters due to the plunging price ofcrystalline silicon cells and modules spurred by falling polysiliconcost, […] Read more

Wacker Chemie Exits Solar Industry, China Government to Curb Silicon Oversupply

Wacker Chemieis getting out of the business of making silicon wafers for the solarmarket to focus on producing silicon instead, the company saidWednesday. The German company announced the move four months after it opened a new wafer factorywith its joint-venture partner Schott Solar. At the time, Wacker saidit intended to expand the wafer manufacturing capacity […] Read more